Welcome to my little corner of the world. I am so honored by your visit today. My name is Kristi and I am married to my college sweetheart(I refer to him here as "Mr. Incredible"), momma to my 2 beautiful girls who are growing much too quickly, a high school computer teacher, photographer, and a gardener (at times~right now I'm growing weeds). I love to laugh, drink strong Starbucks coffee, take pictures, and be anywhere my family is. Jesus is my Savior and I try so hard to be the wife and momma that He has called me to be. I often fail but He lovingly picks me up, dusts me off, and encourages me that with Him all things are possible. Feel free to join me on this journey of faith, stop in and say hello, look around, and leave a comment~I love comments. Why "Kiki's Corner?" My nephews call me Aunt Kiki and I love that too.

Thankful Thursday 7/31/08

I'm so thankful for my Savior. He loves me too much to leave me the way that I am. He always has my best interest in mind and He is always working things out for His good purpose. There is no god like our God!

I'm thankful for the fun weekend that we had with my sweet husband's parents, sister, brother-in-law, and nephews. We had an absolute blast being together. It was a whirlwind weekend filled with many reason to be thankful.

We all live in the same town, but felt the need to get away and meet up in Frisco, Tx. We stayed at the beautiful Westin Stonebriar Resort (Heavenly beds and Starbucks Coffee-oh my!)

Here we are jammin' to the Jonas Brothers on our way to Dallas:

Finally! We arrived and we met up with the cousins.

The view of the Westin's beautiful pool:

We ate way too much at the Cheesecake Factory that night and we didn't even eat cheesecake! Go figure! Oh, how we wanted to, but no room!

The next morning we woke up to Starbucks Coffee and shopping! We spent most of the day trying to find back to school bargains at the Stonebriar Center and Sam Moon and a few other necessities like these:

(Thanks, Nonnie & Poppie!)

After we shopped till we nearly dropped
we found Uncle G's favorite place: Pappadeauxs.

Here is a picture of the family (I was taking the picture):

Poppie, Nonnie, Rachel, nephew A, Aunt Sissie, nephew "Double A," Uncle G, Hannah, and Mr. Incredible (R)

After dinner, this is what I heard from the backseat,

"Aunt Kiki, we need to go swim!" How can you say no to this face?

...or this face?

...or this face?

...or this face? (This face was too busy to pose for a picture!)

On our last day we had to have some Aunt Kiki, Uncle R pictures with our girls and our little nephews. Everyone else was packing so we had fun with the self timer on my camera:

Fun memories and fun moments together! I can't believe it's over! The weekend flew by way too quickly. Thank you Nonnie and Poppie for a wonderful weekend. We love you very much!

Thank you God for giving us the time away to make fun memories with family and for all of our back to school things. You are so good!

On the drive home, I was thinking about all of you, my blog friends, when I saw this incredible billboard sign. So, in all my picture-taking-while-riding-in-a-car-going-72-mph-ability, here it is:

I hope you enjoy!

Stunning huh? In case you missed it, it says: You are God's child. Make Him proud! I think that is a great way to try to live each day. Have a blessed Thankful Thursday!


Denise said...

Such fun pictures, thanks for sharing. Praise God for blessing you with precious family time.

Michele Williams said...

What a wonderful Thankful Thursday post! Thank you for sharing your family with us as well. You have a beautiful family.

Thank you for visiting my bog. I look forward to getting to know you.

God Bless,

Nancie said...

Great post and lovely photos! Can see all of you are so happy. Thank God for giving you and loved ones such a wonderful and memorable time together. "You are God's child. Make Him proud!" Love this. Thanks for sharing with us. Take care and God bless!

Ann said...

What a wonderful getaway!

Stacy said...

Looks like you had a wonderful time! Love the pics!

Homesteader in Training said...

I just know that if we lived closer we'd be in trouble lol. We have a whole folder of nothing but silly shots of the family lol. Hmmm that sounds like a blog lol. Great post my friend.

Tammy said...

I love the pictures - it looks like you and your family had a wonderful time! :-)

P.S. Thanks for visiting my blog!

Erica said...

Thank you for bringing a bit of TX to me each week! I love reading your posts and I love what you have done with your blog. The billboard was amazing...oh, how I love TX highways and byways! I pray the Lord brings us home soon so we too can enjoy those spontaneous trips with grandparents and cousins!

Toknowhim said...

The joy is radiating from the pictures... Blessings, and thanks for stopping by today.

Blessed One said...

What a wonderful list of Thankful's! I loved the pictures! It looks like your family is very close and has lots of fun together. I'm glad you had such a wonderful little getaway. Blessings!

Heart 4 My Home said...

I just loved reading this TT post. Thank you for stopping by my blog. Your prayers and support are very much appreciated.


Kathy S. said...

How blessed are you! Looks like a wonderful family time!! I know about those heavenly beds @ the Westin...

My husband is finishing building the 2nd Westin hotel in the Twin Cities (second he has worked on) When they finished the one in Mpls, we were given a room for a night to try out and rate (the going rate was $700 pr night) we also had a free meal to rate.

It left me WOWED. Thinking that is probably the only time we will stay in a room like that!

NE ways, the beds were like sleeping in a hug! Truly heavenly. Did you also experience the "heavenly shower heads"?

Laurie Ann said...

Great pics! Looks like a lot of fun was had and many good memories made. I thank God for you, too! You are such a blessing, friend. Happy TT!

Tracey said...

Sounds like an AMAZING time! Can you adopt me?!?!?! Heeheehee
Blessings to you and your family!

BP said...

That is a great quote and so nice to see that on a billboard! Your weekend away looks like a fun time. I like your picture you put on Wednesday as well with the verse.

Angie said...

Oh that is wonderful! What fun! I love these kind of thankful posts---chock full of pictures of blessings from heaven!!

Faerylandmom said...

What a fun post to read! I loved it! Reminded me of my family growing up. Thanks for stopping by my little corner of the blogosphere.

Tiffany Stuart said...

Look at your family! Precious pics.

I loved your fun memories you shared. And thank you for visiting my blog this week.

A happy heart at home said...

Wow, looks like a really fun time! Thanks for commenting on my blog. Have a great week!


alihsee said...

What a great post! You mentioned so many of my favourite things... Starbucks...cheesecake... ;)
I'm glad you had such a fun time! Happy TT!

Darlene said...

What fun! Spending time with family, swimming and eating! Things right up my ally.
Thanks for visiting my place!
Happy TT!

Donetta said...

Thanks for stopping by. It looks that true wealth is yours. How fun.

Carrie said...

Wonderful illustrated post!
Thank you for your visit and nice comment. Do come again.

Colored Heart said...

Ah, what a blast indeed! I miss going out with my family. You know it's rainy season here in the Philippines and school vacation is still on October. Praising God with you. The pics made me feel like I was in the car and in the pool with everybody! Woohoo! God bless you!

Tricia said...

What a wonderful list and what a blessing that you have such a close family that you enjoy being with!

Thanks for sharing!


Lynn said...

Delightful and fun post. Thank you for sharing your family with me. These memories are a priceless and eternal treasure.

PS. Loved the billboard.

Have a great weekend. Hugs.

candyQ said...

You have such a happy family. Thank you for sharing the photos with us. God bless!

Nikki said...

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