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I Heart Speed

Rachel comes home tomorrow! Yippee! I can hardly wait! She called me crying yesterday afternoon because she was going to miss the kids that they had the blessing of ministering to this week. She said one little girl, with a sweet name that I couldn't begin to spell, hugged her and gave her a big kiss goodbye and then announced that she was coming home with Rachel. I think Rachel was kind of hoping that I would say, "bring her home, sweet girl!" But, I'm sure this precious child's parents would miss her, so I did not. I just listened and encouraged her that her Daddy and I are proud of her and so is her Heavenly Father.

Last night they spent some much needed fun at a fast go-cart driving place. I think she loved it because at midnight, I received a text that said, "I Heart Speed!!!"

Oh, baby, I think that comes naturally. Your "foxy" Granny drives a Chrysler Crossfire and just loves to see the spoiler come up at 65 mph, and your Poppie just bought a corvette and your Mom and Dad, well remember this?

Yes, it seems we all "heart speed" (in the right places of course)! And my competitive nature wants to sweetly say: remember sweet hubby my 12 laps were at 149.81 mph and yours were at 14.......7?

Fun times!

Anyway, my sweet Rachel, never let your "I heart speed" EVER be seen when we are practicing driver's education because I heart you and our lives!

I hope all of you have a blessed weekend. My sweet hubby and I are off to his 20th high school reunion. Boy, is he getting old! I think I'll drive :-) (Just kidding!)

P.S. In all honesty, my 20th high school reunion is this summer too. Boy, am I getting old!


Homesteader in Training said...

Too funny my 20th high school reunion is this September lol. I love your I heart speed pictures. How fun that would be to drive a race car. That makes up for the bad bowling.LOL! See you soon!

Toknowhim said...

My 20th too this July... I won't make it though. It is so cool to meet so many women around the same age and stage of life as me.

I am a Siesta, and did have a ticket to the San Antonio event, but plans changed and I will miss it... So bummed, but looking forward to the next event. You will have to catch me up on how it went :)

Thanks for stopping by today, and please stop by anytime... I love visitors...

Melanie said...

Enjoy the reunion! Have a great weekend!

Natalie said...

My 10 year is this summer...time just keeps on tickin'