Welcome to my little corner of the world. I am so honored by your visit today. My name is Kristi and I am married to my college sweetheart(I refer to him here as "Mr. Incredible"), momma to my 2 beautiful girls who are growing much too quickly, a high school computer teacher, photographer, and a gardener (at times~right now I'm growing weeds). I love to laugh, drink strong Starbucks coffee, take pictures, and be anywhere my family is. Jesus is my Savior and I try so hard to be the wife and momma that He has called me to be. I often fail but He lovingly picks me up, dusts me off, and encourages me that with Him all things are possible. Feel free to join me on this journey of faith, stop in and say hello, look around, and leave a comment~I love comments. Why "Kiki's Corner?" My nephews call me Aunt Kiki and I love that too.

Good Morning! I'm thankful for so many things today:
The gift of life, a new morning (where His mercies are new), getting to see the faces of the ones I love the most in this world early this morning, the joy in telling them that I love them and hearing back that they love me too, reading the sweet comments from my fellow bloggers wishing my incredible parents a happy anniversary, the delight in meeting with my Heavenly Father this morning, the cooler temperatures this week, and the fun in finding I have 2 tomatoes growing in my garden along with 3 watermelons, 4 cantaloupes, and lots of squash. Delight!
Music! Oh, how I love music. I'm so thankful for music!!!
Music takes me to the very throne of God.
One of my family's favorites is Travis Cottrell.
He is incredibly gifted by the Lord. His music ministers to the very core of me.
We had a chance to meet him last fall. Not only is he incredibly gifted, he is genuine. His love for Lord shines through every word that he sings. He sings from his heart and it shows. He was gracious to take a picture with my girls. They were overjoyed (and so was I). How often do you get a chance to meet one of your heroes in the faith, this side of glory??? Here they are:

Christmas is my most favorite time of year. I start shopping in July, decorate the house on my birthday (November 17), and enjoy the sounds of joy and laughter and Christmas music during the holiday season.

Imagine my excitement, when I read that Travis Cottrell will have a new Christmas CD available in October! I am so thankful! He has graciously allowed us to listen to a preview. Click here to listen. It will bless you today!




Blessed One said...

So much to be thankful for. Thanks for sharing this! Happy 4th of July! ~ Tracy

Homesteader in Training said...

Isn't it cool when you get to meet someone you look up to and enjoy something like their music or teachings? We got to watch STeven Curtis Chapman warm up one year before a concert and got a picture of us sitting on the stage with him in the background. It was cool.
Great TT post.

Renee said...

Great list! I love Travis too so that is awesome you got to meet him and I can't wait for that Christmas CD!!

Cheryl said...

What a great list of TT. Thanks for sharing!

Have a safe 4th!

Tammy said...

You have a wonderful list. Music is a wonderful gift that I enjoy too. Have a happy 4th.

mama meji said...

Wow there are a lot in your garden....I don't wanna say I'm green now but truth is, I am. Hehehe. Now really, a bountiful garden is a great blessing. Happy TT.

Serendipity said...

What a lovely list! Sounds like you have a lovely garden too! Thank you for dropping by and leaving a comment. Have a blessed weekend ahead!