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Missing You

(Mom, Aunt Faye, Hannah, Me, Rachel-1998)

Well, I'm feeling a bit melancholy; not quite like the joyful person that I usually am. You see, I'm missing someone that I love dearly. Today would have been her birthday. My eyes are flooding with tears as I type. I didn't realize how much I needed to get this out of my system, until now. I'm talking about my dear Aunt Faye. She has been in glory for many years now, but I always seem to get a bit sentimental and melancholy on this day, her birthday.

Oh, she was not the average, typical aunt. She was SPECIAL! She had the best laugh. I miss that laugh. She was like a second mom to me. Aunt Faye and Uncle Tony were blessed with hairy children who had four legs and wrinkled faces-they raised bulldogs. She and my mom, her sister, were the best of friends. I loved watching their sisterhood; I admired it. Amazingly, God must have seen this in my heart because He blessed me with two incredible daughters. Isn't He good! I just love watching sisterhood. It is a very special bond.

There are moments in my girls' lives that I see my dear Aunt Faye and my mom and I just have to giggle. It is so fun to watch! I always think of her when I visit a Hallmark store. Many years ago, we were looking at cards and she found a funny one with a shark. The inside read, "I love you Jaws because." She had everyone in the store laughing with her. Her laugh was so very contagious!

She always called me on my birthday and she sang to me. Do you have an Aunt like that? Oh, it is a very special thing, my friend. I remember her 40th birthday. Our family (my mom, dad, brother, and I) snuck over to their house and t-pd it (wrapped it in toilet paper), forked it, and had a lighted billboard sign placed in her yard wishing her a happy 40th birthday. You could see her house from the end of the street. She loved it!

Christmas was her most favorite time of year. Unless we were coming for a visit, and then that was her most favorite time of year too.

Okay, the tears are starting to flow and the ugly cry is very near, so I think I better wrap this up. I just need you to know, that she collected the most beautiful dolls. There are too many to count. She collected many different types of dolls from German bisque, Kessler dolls, to home made craft show dolls. She was so proud of them. They each had a special story behind them.

My Aunt generously blessed my daughters and myself with these amazing dolls. When we built our house, I had the privilege of designing a doll cabinet to put these treasures in. The cabinet maker told me that it was the largest doll cabinet he had ever made. It turned out beautifully. I have it in my formal living room. I often sit in that room and reminisce about my dear Aunt Faye. Here is a picture of the cabinet and some of the dolls:

The doll on the top left (she has a honey bee on her nose) was the last doll Uncle Tony surprised Aunt Faye with. The doll on the bottom right belonged to my Granny.

(Me, Hannah, Rachel, and my Mom (Granny))

Last year we hosted a Ladies Spring Celebration at our church. We made it a special tea party. Several of us rented costumes and dressed for a "high tea." We used Aunt Faye's dolls to decorate the lavish table. It was such a fun celebration!

If you are still reading this, Thank you! You know this heart of mine just feels a little bit better. And one day, when we get to Heaven, you will just love my dear Aunt Faye too. She will be the one with the contagious laughter.



Homesteader in Training said...

What a wonderful dedication to your Aunt. She sounded like she left a lot of great memories behind. I had an Aunt who collected dolls too. Unfortunately she had to sell them. Your Aunt's dolls are beautiful. Thank you for a wonderful story, I know it may have made you cry but it brought a great big smile to my face. I'm sure your Aunt and my Aunt are hanging out in Heaven as we speak. People like that seem to find each other as we have my friend.
Blessings to you!!!

Homesteader in Training said...

Hey Kristi,
I just wanted to comment on your comment about wanting to go to PEI. I remember as a child my Dad driving our green chrysler onto the fairy boat that would take us to Prince Edward Island. We had friends that lived over there and would go over often. Now I hear they actually have a bridge that goes to it. Not quite as fun in my book lol.
Oh and you mentioned the view...they actually used to have artists that would want to sit in the back yard and paint the view from there. IT truly was spectacular.
Have a most blessed day my friend.

Melanie said...

Oh, Kristi.. what a beautiful tribute to your dear Aunt. You described her so well and all her special qualities. She sounds like a truly wonderful woman.

Blessing to you this week!

Lisa J said...

I just popped over to see you and saw this posting. I had to read the whole thing with tears in my eyes as well. those special people hold such special places in our hearts and minds. You expressed yourself so nicely, and doesn't it make you feel so much better to just say it..something to honor HER, your Aunt Faye. I think you have a very tender heart. Hope you are feeling better after that day and your posting. Take care and greetings from Tulsa Oklahoma.