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Tackling the Trampoline

Tackle It Tuesday Meme

Happy Tuesday everyone! We did it! We finally tackled the trampoline~hip hip hooray! My sweet Uncle Tony blessed the girls with a trampoline a few years ago. They LOVED it! They had fun making up routines, practicing cheers, and just having fun. I enjoyed jumping with them (You know it's kinda hard on the old bladder after having babies :-) )

Anyway, we had a huge storm this fall. The powerful winds picked up the trampoline and transported it towards Hannah's bedroom window. Right before it hit her windows, God graciously picked it up and threw it over the fence. It landed in the field in many pieces. I didn't have the heart to tell Uncle Tony. He noticed the trampoline was gone when he came for Christmas.

A few weeks after his visit, two large boxes were delivered to our house. A new trampoline! It was such a fun surprise and blessing. We vowed to put it together when the weather warmed up. Honestly, we meant to put it up around spring break. Spring break's deadline turned into the first day of summer vacation...which turned into...I'm embarrassed to say...we put it together this weekend. Parents of the year! That's us.

Here are the "Tackle the Trampoline" pictures:

The Official Instruction Reader Rachel and her faithful companion, Lizzie.
Su comprende instructiones, Lizzie?

Here we go! We think we can! We think we can! We think we can!

Looking good!

We are almost there. Ding-dong:

Cousin "J" stopped by to offer support and to play a few games of Mario Kart. (Have you been practicing lately?) Okay, back to the trampoline:

Are we ever going to get to jump????

Yippee!!! Three cheers for Uncle Tony and our new trampoline!!!

Look at these mad skills!

I can jump higher than you!

From trampoline-less (I almost typed tramp-less...I crack myself up) to this! Isn't it pretty? You need to oooh and ahhhh a little louder. I can't hear you!

This baby took a while to put up but we had fun in the process. It is so nice to have a trampoline again. Way to go Daddy, we couldn't have put it together without you. Thank you Uncle Tony. We love you sooooo much!


Homesteader in Training said...

Yup after 3 kids I can't even look at a trampoline without a Depends on lol!Girl we need to move closer together. Our kids would have a blast together, not to mention us hee hee! We love Mario Kart and the Wii. But Alas, tis not to be so I guess. So I'll just keep pressing my nose against your virtual window lol. Oh man I need to stop!
Blessings my friend.

Brenda said...

Oohhh...Ahhhh! I want to come play on your new trampoline!

The Apron Queen said...

Umm, yup. Add me to the list of no more jumping on trampolines too! I miss it. Three babies later though... bad, bad idea! :)

I'm tackling virtual clutter. I'm de-cluttering my blog & store. Pop over for a look.

Confessions of an Apron Queen

Melanie said...

Looks like alot of fun! I think we may get a trampoline when our kids get a little older.. I'm hoping I can hang in there and be able to jump along with them, too.

Have a great week!

Jolene said...

WOW! My kids would love this! U go!

forgetfulone said...

Congrats on the new trampoline. Great tackle!

Susie said...

Great tackle!! Those assembly projects are always the last to get done in our house:-)

Hey, thanks for stopping by today. I hope you come back this weekend for the pictures:-)

The Happy Housewife said...

Trampolines are too fun! We had one in our last house. It was a great way for the kids to burn off some extra energy!

Scrapping Servant said...

WOW! I LOVE it! Such an entertaining post!

And yes, the green on my daughter/scrap room walls... that was originally my first daughter's "baby" room.

The color is a Disney paint color - Christopher Robin's Swing... I remember that for when I move, I love it too :o)

Anonymous said...

Fun tackle! Sounds like we'll have to get Mario Kart. :)

Lee said...

This is a big tackle. I don't blame you for putting it off. I would too. I know what you mean about jumping on a trampoline after kids. I have those thoughts just after jumping "like a bunny" around the house with Big Boy.

Anonymous said...

Hey Cousin Kiki! : )

I had such a great time with you guys this weekend. I'm glad I showed up in time for the completion of the new trampoline! I'm sure the girls are going to have a blast with it. Unfortunately, I don't have a Wii, so I haven't been practicing the Mario Kart. So if I am ever to beat the girls at the game, it'll have to require some divine intervention! : ) Hope you have a great week!

Cousin "J" : )

Amydeanne said...

looks like a load of fun! :)

Jen @ One Moms World said...

Oh what a great Tackle. My girls would so be loving that too. What a special Uncle they have.

I'm so glad your daughter didn't get hurt in that storm.