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Sweet Surprises

Today is Thankful Thursday and we have so much, so much, to be thankful for...but then that is true every day. In sharing with you glimpses from Rachel's surgery and recovery, I wanted to share with you some very special additional sweet surprises that have come from sweet friends and family and amazing colleagues. I already posted several of those blessings here but I wanted to share a few more. I am almost afraid to post this as I know that I am leaving some out...and I am so sorry! I wouldn't mean to leave any out in a million years. We have treasured every one!

Have you heard of the clinging cross? Mrs. C blessed me with one and it brought so much comfort. I meant to take a picture of mine but you can see one here.

Of course, these are the blessings that we can see with our eyes but we realize there are more that we can only see with our Spiritual eyes. Countless individuals, families, and churches have prayed for Rachel....that is amazing to us! I wish that I could give each one of you a Texas sized hug and tell you face to face how grateful we are. Meeting with you at the feet of the Great Physician has been one of the most tremendous blessings to us in this journey of faith.

Here is Hannah bringing a special delivery from Mr. Incredible's aunt and our community dentist (and neighbor) and his staff. It was filled with delicious goodies, a pink monkey, and happy balloons. (And no, Hannah is not drinking coffee, she was bringing me my favorite~pumpkin spice latte)

Another special basket filled with great bath supplies from our school Superintendent and his sweet wife complete with chocolate: a bubble bath and some chocolate! What more could a girl want!

A happy bouquet from Rachel's 5th grade teachers (she is in 11th grade now-but they will always hold a special place in her heart). They sent Hannah a special gift too, isn't that sweet?
I can see crumbs on Rachel's tray from the delicious bread that another one of our neighbor baked especially for Rachel. She enjoyed the bread for breakfast every morning after we returned home from the hospital.

This is "TP" or "therapeutic pony," from our sweet neighbors, "Dang-Dang & Peach." "Dang-dang is a rough and tough cowboy who wanted a pink bracelet to wear. I think that is pretty sweet. I have heard of several other mighty men who were not intimidated to be wearing a bright pink bracelet to remember to pray for Rachel. That just makes them even mightier in my eyes.

And then this special surprise arrived in the mail....

It was from Florida...hmmmmmm ...who could it be from?

It was a special "Praying for Rachel" card made by Debra's (from clothed with scarlet) son Josh. He had all of his football buddies sign it, and the coaches too. She was so overwhelmed that she cried! We "know" Debra and Josh from this amazing blog land. How incredibly thoughtful and generous Josh is...just like his momma, I imagine.

Thank you, God for surrounding us with precious friends and family who have so wonderfully shown us Your love during Rachel's surgery and recovery. We will never know how many have prayed for Rachel but we know that you do. Please, bless them abundantly and please, help us to be just as kind and generous!

Yes, our family has so much to be thankful for...more than words could ever adequately express.

What are you thanking God for today? I would love to know. To see more Thankful Thursdays, please visit Truth 4 the Journey.


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bp said...

I enjoyed your thankful post and seeing the things that brightened all of your days during the surgery. That is so sweet for Josh to send that, I always enjoy Debra's posts about him and pray my Caleb has that same love for Jesus as he grows.