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Oh When the Saints Go Marching In.....

Yes! The Saints won the Superbowl....don't get me wrong, I'm not a big football fan kind of girl (I watch the games with my man to make him happy) but I am just a wee bit competitive and I picked the Saints because I like their Fleur de lis emblem...and they won! Wo0-hoo!

Remember my classroom makeover this year? Yes, I decorated my classroom in Fleur de lis. Lately, my students have thought that I was somewhat cool, as cool as a high school teacher can be, because I decorated my classroom around the New Orleans Saints, or so they thought. Some think I called their win from the beginning of school...and I'll just let them go on thinking that too because it's fun!

Anyway, Mr. Incredible viewed the Superbowl game of his dream...not because of the teams that were playing, he is a 49er fan, but because of what he would view the game on:

He has been hoping for years that his ginormous old school big screen tv would die but to no avail, this thing just keeps kicking. Every time we would visit Sams Club or Best Buy, he would lovingly visit the tv of his dreams. I think he would drool a bit too. But, still no beautiful, flat screen, LED tv would make its way into the shopping cart. Old School tv was working just fine.

It wasn't until the price dropped $500 that he took the plunge. I'm going to refer to him as Mr. Patience from now on. Ha! What on earth are we going to do with 2 big screen tvs? The girls were working with their dad, I think, because they have big plans for Old School tv. It has made its way into the game room.

I felt like a redneck for a few days! We had one tv in the cabinet and another one....on the floor! Yes, that's right....on the floor! Finally, he removed Old School and replaced the new one where visions of Manning and the other guys (I don't know their names) would inhabit our family room via the new purchase.

He was so excited about the game tonight that he started watching all of the pre-game events at 2:00 this afternoon. He was full of anticipation. And he was right, it does look 3 dimensional. You can see every wrinkle and every thing so much clearer on this tv. I have never seen sweat like that ever on tv. He is still smiling like a child at Christmas!

To celebrate his new purchase (and my upcoming shopping trip-it's only fair don't you think? Ah, I'm totally kidding because apparently this was a gift for the whole family!) I had to cook a special Superbowl meal. Pioneer Woman to the rescue! I made her delicious drip Beef Sandwiches and my husband swooned!

I also made her fabulous Mexican Layer Dip with homemade guacamole that made me swoon:

Mr. Incredible praised, "This is the best Superbowl menu ever!"

So, thank you Pioneer Woman for helping us christen our new purchase with a delicious meal and thank you New Orleans Saints for winning the Superbowl! Ya'll brought much joy and happiness to our family room this evening!


Tracy said...

Good stuff! I was cracking up about your choice of the New Orleans Saints because you liked their fleur de lis! And hooray! They won! = )

Loved the story of your tv...my hubby is very much the same...he's been waiting and waiting (and waiting some more) to invest in a new tv. It's on the list, and very slowly making it's way closer to the top.

Your Superbowl food looks awesome! Going to have to stop by and see Pioneer Woman for both of those recipes!


The Real Me! said...

I'm actually a Patriots fan but when I first started watching football as a teenager it was the Saints that were my favorite. I'm glad they won, even though I haven't watched a game all season.! LOL

Andrea said...

My hubby recently replaced the 30 year old floor model tv with a "new" one. He still has a hard time giving up the old one, b/c it still worked well.
Glad you guys had a great weekend.

bp said...

Looks like a great Super Bowl party! That's so funny about your "decorated" classroom and what the kids thought it meant!

Barbie said...

Looks like some yummy food! Hey, I left you a blog award on my blog. I hope you will visit to pick it up!

Erica said...

That looks delicious!!! So glad you "all" got a new gift!