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It's a Snow Day...So I'm Feeling Crafty!

I woke up at 5:30 this morning, ran to the window and I saw....SNOW!!!! Yippee! Snow in our part of Texas is a rarity and even though the weather guys had been forecasting snow, I wasn't' holding my breath. One of my fellow teachers called me to let me know that school was cancelled for today. Yippee!!!!

We have 6 inches of glorious snow. I know this is hardly considered accumulation for your northerners but this is pure delight for all of us southerners!

So, I fixed a Pioneer Woman recipe for my family for breakfast, built a ginormous fire, read several blogs, blogged myself (see the awesome French Toast recipe from Gooseberry Patch on my previous post~you will be so delighted if you make it because it is fabulous!!!), watched some of the Olympics with my family, took pictures outside, nearly froze my fingers off and then started thinking about crafting!

I hardly every have time to craft anymore and I lOVE to craft! An unexpected snow day is the perfect day to craft!. I looked at my empty Starbucks cup and the wheels started turning...and then I remembered the sisters at Gooseberry Patch (I've mentioned them 3 times in 1 day and 2 posts but no I am not sponsored by them) who issued a coffee cozy challenge not too long ago.

Hmmmm....here is what I made:

It is easy, peasy. Start with your favorite Starbucks cup (mine is now empty but once contained a delicious Skinny Cinnamon Dulce Latte) and the cardboard sleeve:

Grab some felt and cut about a 1 1/2 to 2" by the length of the felt square (which is about 8 inches). Grab a needle and thread (yes, Mom I so wanted to hot glue this part, but I didn't, aren't you proud?) and loosely stitch the folded felt strip:

Grab your scissors and snip into sections being careful not to cut through the stitch....yes I learned that from experience, oiy!

Carefully pull your thread so that the felt gathers into a circle like this:

And then stitch the ends together. I did the same thing with another piece of felt but this time I made the width about an inch and cut smaller wedges. I gathered the blue piece just like the red one and then stitched the two together:

I added some buttons, and then I grabbed my hot glue gun (Yes, finally) and hot glued the felt cuff together, using the Starbucks sleeve for a pattern, added the flower to cover up the hot glued seams of the cuff and then finished with some more buttons:

And then I made a pink and black one...which is a bit more girly:

I had some left over black polka dot gross grain ribbon so I used that too:

And here is the finished pink and black coffee cozy:

I think they turned out so cute. My coffee cups will now be stylin' in my classroom!
I'm so pleased to link this post at Kimba's DIY party. and Works for me Wednesday.
Ya'll have a blessed day. I think we are headed outside to make a snowman. Woo hoo!


Andrea said...

Glad you are enjoying GOD's beautiful winter wonderland. I love snow.
Love the cup warmers!

northern cottage said...

this is just super cute - I love the colors you chose & hot glue - what an idea - I need to use mine more - you've inspired me!

Gooseberry Patch said...

These look fantastic, Kristi! Love the ruffly detail and the idea of using ribbon too...great job. :)

bp said...

We're loving our snow day too! Except we just got dismissed early because it just started this morning. We have a late start tomorrow too. We made a snowman and threw snowballs.
Caleb prayed for 50-100 feet of snow last night. He is so excited!

12-arrows said...

that is absolutely adorable! Shoot I think I could even make one and I'm the least crafty person EVER!

Amanda Rooney said...

Thanks for your sweet comment earlier on my blog. We had snow today too...in North Texas!! WooHoo It was great stopping by and I'll be back!

The Real Me! said...

Some serious cuteness my friend! Love it.

Melanie said...

We had similar days a couple of weeks ago when we saw around 10 inches of snow in our part of Texas. Lots 'o fun!

Erica said...

You are going to crack up at our "snow" pictures. I can only imagine my girls' delight when they one day see "real" snow!
I love your crafty creations, and "sew" impressed with the lack of hot glue : )
Very cute!

Ally said...

I love seeing others getting excited about snow because here in PA we get a lot of it and nobody gets excited anymore! Your day sounds absolutely glorious! Thanks for sharing!

too Blessed to Stress said...

Super cute! great way to warm up the snowy days :)

~ Emily N. from "too Blessed to Stress"

Shelley said...

Way cute! You did a great job!! Everything is prettier with a flower on it :)