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Easy Peasy DVD Gifts for the Basketball Team

I cannot believe that Hannah's basketball season is over! What a fun season this has been. Hannah has improved so much this season. I believe her average points per game ended at 17 or 18 points a game. I never scored 18 points in a game ever. Her team was undefeated in district!

Two of the moms were gracious enough to video 5 of the games this year. We decided that it would be fun for all of the girls on the team to have a copy. I didn't realize the job that this would entail for me....I made all of the dvd copies. This is what my stack looked like when I was finally finished:

Wow! That took a lot of my time. I decided that I couldn't just hand out the DVDs, after all of that work, I wanted the DVDs to be a special memento. So, I headed to Michael's for some help.

I found these journal books on sale. They were 10 for $10 and they were the perfect size for DVDs. I bought some ribbon, some basketball stickers, silver glittery scrap booking paper, and sticker letters:

Here is what I started with:

I liked the color and the pattern, but it needed some pizazz. So, I grabbed my handy dandy paper cutter. If you don't have one they are a must for scrap booking and for most any other project. I use mine all of the time!

I cut the silver glittery paper into squares and grabbed my favorite hot glue gun:

While that dried, I thought about how to attach the DVDs to the inside of the journals:

I took the flap of the DVD sleeve

added some hot glue and then placed it on the back of some of the sheets of paper:

and pressed down. The solution worked really well. It is easy to retrieve the DVD but it still fits nicely into the journal:

Then I added some ribbon to the inside of each cover:

Added some more glittery paper and a team picture:

And then personalized the outside cover of each journal. Here is Hannah's:

I think they turned out pretty well. Hannah was excited to see the finished project. I hope they become treasures for each team member. I know that we will treasure ours.


Karen M said...

You are SO creative! Those are really cute. They should all really treasure these mementos for many years.

bp said...

Very creative! That was so nice of you to go the extra step to add a little more personalization to them for the girls.

ilovemy5kids said...

You rock girl! I would have forgot to put the cd in it's case much less make a cutesy notebook for it!

sister sheri said...

Wow! Loooove this idea! Thanks for sharing!

Tracy said...

Adorable and very creative. Those are bound to be special keepsakes for each of those girls! So glad to hear Hannah has had such an awesome season! = )

too Blessed to Stress said...

so creative!!! I just love this idea :)

~ Emily N. from "too Blessed to Stress"