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Birthday Bulbs....Flowers for my Girls

If you have been following my blog for a little while, you know that I love to garden...I just wish that I had more time to do it. When the girls were little, probably 5 and 1, I planted some bulbs in our flower beds...and much to my delight and surprise, the bulbs bloom every year on their birthdays.

Hannah's Daffodil bulbs almost always bloom on her birthday. But, this year, we have had an unusually cold winter and they didn't bloom on her birthday but a few days later on the day of her birthday party. She was so excited to see her birthday bloom:

Rachel's birthday is a few weeks later, in March, and purple and pink hyacinth bulbs always bloom on her birthday. The green leaves have already emerged and we are looking forward to seeing her birthday bloom in a few weeks.

When we built our house nearly ten years ago, I dug up the birthday bulbs from our other house and transplanted them to our new house and they still bloom every year on their birthdays!

If you have a child with a February or March birthday you should try planting spring bulbs. (Normally you plant the bulbs in the fall, but you can improvise now and buy the plants that have already or are nearly ready to bloom at your local nursery or Home Depot, Lowes, or sometimes Walmart. Plant them now and enjoy birthday bulbs for years to come). They are a delightful birthday surprise each year!

(I am pleased to be posting this at Works for me Wednesday.)


Kelly said...

What a sweet idea. When do you need to plant the bulbs to have them grow in Feb or March? My daughter is early April, so I'd love to try this.

The Real Me! said...

Very cool my friend. My kids are all summery birthdays. May, June and September! LOL! And mine's in July!
Somehow the spring months got avoided.
The flowers are beautiful.

Erica said...

I love that! I want to get some for my birthday...it is just days away. I will have to look for some next year. When do you plant them?

Kim@Seasons of My Heart said...

You are amazing sweet friend.

The flowers are BEAUTIFUL!!!

bp said...

This is such a great idea and special to look forward to that each year. I could do this for me and my Mom's birthdays.