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Goodbye Forever Swiffers!

Have you seen these little micro-fiber cloths at Sams club? They are made by Rubbermaid. Oh, my goodness these little things are ingenious! They have made me completely enjoy dusting again. Really, they have!

I get all kinds of joy out of dusting a little area and then looking to see all that these little clothes pick up. They are way better than Swiffers! And much more economical too!

Yes, they are a little pricey at first, by Mr. Incredible bought them, so for me they were free! Ha! I'm just kidding his money is our money and my money is....my money! Ha! All kidding aside, these little cloths are so cool and I don't have to dust nearly as often....which is always a good thing!

After dusting, I just plop them in the washer and dryer and they are brand new again. Even Mr. Incredible is enjoying dusting too....and that says a lot!

I am so pleased to be joining Works for me Wednesdays today.


The Real Me! said...

I love my microfiber clothes. But my pack was orange! LOL! I guess it doesn't matter what color they are as long as they do the job.


Lori said...

What a great idea! I need to find a friend who has a membership!

Half-Assed Housewife said...

I will have to try these after I use all of my swiffers. I got a bunch for free, so I have about 4 boxes left.

I have started using dish towels for the big kitchen clean-ups so I don't waste a bunch of paper towels. Why is it all my kitchen clean ups seem to end up big? I can't make a regular sized mess anymore.

Ashley @ The Happy Little Home said...

I'm going to need to get some of those! I really really hate dusting ;)

Kim@Seasons of My Heart said...

Now that's a great idea my friend!! I'll have to give this a whirl.

Have a GREAT day my friend.

Lea said...

GET ATTA HERE?! CAN I HAVE YOUR SWIFFERS THEN? LOLOL SO THEY WORK that good huh? I busted a couple guts over the "free" thing... that was hilarious.

The cleaning thing I'm lovin right now is... DAWN WITH THAT OLAY in it. Our dishwasher croaked, and I decided I didn't want another. Instead, I had Trent build me shelves where the dishwasher was and I'm so lovin my extra space... and with it just me and Myguy I have to admit.. I kinda like washin dishes by hand. I know it's kinda sick and I shouldnt admit stuff like that. BUT.. THAT OLAY stuff smells so stinkin good. Yall know what I mean.*
WHAT I WANT TO FIND OUT... MAYBE YOU CAN HELP ME WITH THIS.. IS.. WHAT to use to clean a flat top stove? THOSE CREAMS do nothing. I have boil overs on my flat top burners.. and dadgum it I CANT GET IT OFF. ANY HINTS DEAR HELOISE?

Erica said...

I just have one of those cloths, but I love it, too!
Thanks for sharing your tips!

SkylarKD said...

Aren't they fantastic?!

Julie Bagamary said...

Great idea!

ilovemy5kids said...

I found some of these at the Family Dollar Store. Mine are bright and beautiful.

They are so pretty, I've been scared to use them. So, I'm using the yellow one...it is holding up nicely.

I think they had a pack of 4 for $5.00.

Blessings to you,
lana :)

Your Frugal Friend, Niki said...

I love using the microfiber cloths too. How long have you been suing them? A reader of mine once told me that after a bunch of washes they will lose their dust-clinging ability. I've had mine for about 6 months and they are good so far.