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My Birthday Girl

Yes, I am now a momma to 2 teenagers! It's official! And I LOVE it! As a girl, I always hoped and dreamed that I would have a daughter...God doubled my joy and blessed me with two! Oh, how I love my girls!

I thought I would share a few of Hannah's birthday pictures with you. Her fun, teen party is this coming weekend and I'll have more to share, I'm sure.

Here she is opening her gift from us:

Inside was a purity ring that we bought at James Avery. This was what she asked for.
Really, she asked us for one at Christmas, but we already had her gifts and I wanted to make sure that this was something she really wanted and not just because other friends at school had one.

A week before her birthday she said to me, "Momma, I would really like a purity ring. I asked for one at Christmas, but I didn't get one and now I'm asking for one for my birthday. I think this should let you know how much I really want one." That was all the convincing that I needed. We talked once again about the symbolism of this ring and she smiled and explained that she had already made up her mind about this years ago. She wants to be able to give her ring to her husband one day. Wow!

So, no ordinary ring would do. Her daddy and I slipped away to James Avery one evening and found the perfect ring!

It says, "True love waits!" And it is exactly the ring she had hoped for. Thank, you Father for her precious heart!

Since her friends' party is this weekend, we decided to buy an enormous cupcake at Gigi's Cupcakes to help us celebrate. We ate dinner at a place where they cook the food on the table in front of us, and try to throw rice balls into our mouths, Mr. Incredible rules this area, and then we headed home for cupcakes.

I wasn't sure what to do with 13 candles and 1 cupcake, but Hannah knew just what to do. She carefully placed every candle on her cupcake:

Then we sang happy birthday and Hannah blew out the candles and then we blew out her hair! Yes, a lock of those beautiful curls landed on one of the lighted candles and caught fire for a brief moment! Fun times!

The next morning, she put on her "most favorite t-shirt ever" that was a gift from Granny and Grandpa. Remember her typewriter purchase at the estate sale this past summer? The t-shirt is Hannah to a tee! Just look at her gorgeous smile!


Beth in NC said...

She is beautiful! What a blessing that she WANTED a purity ring. Hallelujah! May God continue to fan that flame within her belly.

Love & hugs! (And Happy Birthday to your youngest.)

The Real Me! said...

I love it! You are truly blessed my friend.
I can't wait to hear about her party. I bet she will have a blast!


Love the ring. That is just too precious. My husband gave my daughter one a couple of years ago too.

Blue Creek Home said...

Happy birthday Hannah!!!!

You are a beautiful young woman.
I can tell your mother is very proud of you and all of your accomplishments.

I hope all of you birthday wishes come true!!


bp said...

That just touches my heart so much that she wanted a purity ring. Truly a special gift from you her parents and such an honor I'm sure for you to give it to her.
I had one that my parents gave me. It was a little golden band with a tiny heart in the middle. It was special to give it to my Mom on my wedding day.

Melanie said...

Happy Birthday, Hannah!