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Mr. Incredible, the Plumber, to the Rescue!

Last week....the week of Hannah's birthday party....my kitchen sink began leaking. Mr. Incredible looked at it and said that he would go grab his tools and fix it. Well, the small leak then turned into a major leak so he decided that we needed to replace some gasket thingy-ma-jig, and something about hoses.

So, the kitchen was closed for a night until he could get the required parts. The next evening he had bad news that the parts we needed were a bit hard to find and since the faucet was starting to peel, we should just replace the faucets because they would come with new hoses and the gasket thingy-ma-jigs that we needed.

My day at school was a bit stressful, so I relished at the thought of going on a date with my man, even if it was to Home Depot and Lowes, to find new faucets. An hour alone with him was just what my heart needed. I felt the stresses of the day melt alway...yes even in Home Depot.

Have you picked out faucets lately? There are a lot to choose from. We found the perfect set at Lowes, but of course it was on the tallest shelf, and a lady named Jessica had to bring her monster ladder to get it down for us. Finally with faucet in hand we headed home with high hopes of getting it installed...after all we only had 2 more days until the big party and I needed a kitchen sink that worked!

Mr. Incredible went to work installing the new faucets:

Proudly, he asked me to turn on the finished faucets where we discovered that the hoses for the hot water and cold water were switched. Great! Back under the sink he went....only to find out that the hot water hose was too short. Kitchen closed for another night.

Thursday night, he brought home the new, longer hose, hooked it up and wa-llah...cue the music...I am back in business. I have new faucets, that work, aren't they beautiful...well as far as faucets go?

Since Mr. Incredible was such a great plumber, I asked him if he could look at my bathroom sink because it kept getting clogged and I couldn't figure out why.
It wasn't long before he asked me to take a look at what he found in my drain:

Can you tell what he found? It's my pen from ATPE, the teacher's organization that I am a member of. What on earth was it doing in my sink?!

Ya'll have a great Friday. Blessings to you!!!!
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PlumbMedics said...

This was a lovely story - really nice photos too. Glad you got all this sorted in the end!

The Real Me! said...

A pen? How in the world did it get past the round thingy? LOL!
Don't you just love having a handy man around?
Happy Friday my friend.

SophieMae said...

A pen?! What Kim said, LOL!
I love reading about other ladies' handy men. Mine's about as handy as a rock in a glass factory. 8-}

Have a JESUS-filled day! ^i^