Welcome to my little corner of the world. I am so honored by your visit today. My name is Kristi and I am married to my college sweetheart(I refer to him here as "Mr. Incredible"), momma to my 2 beautiful girls who are growing much too quickly, a high school computer teacher, photographer, and a gardener (at times~right now I'm growing weeds). I love to laugh, drink strong Starbucks coffee, take pictures, and be anywhere my family is. Jesus is my Savior and I try so hard to be the wife and momma that He has called me to be. I often fail but He lovingly picks me up, dusts me off, and encourages me that with Him all things are possible. Feel free to join me on this journey of faith, stop in and say hello, look around, and leave a comment~I love comments. Why "Kiki's Corner?" My nephews call me Aunt Kiki and I love that too.

More Favor from the Lord.

We are settled into our hotel room and all is well. My Rachel is playing her new beautiful pink Nintendo DS (thank you Nonnie) next to me, Mr. Incredible is watching the game, and Hannah is singing at the top of her lungs in the shower. I hope the neighbors like her song. I know that I do.

During our drive, we asked Rachel where she wanted to eat dinner in the big city. She thought about it and mentioned the Macaroni Grill. We set out to find the hotel and resolved to ask where the nearest Macaroni Grill was located when we checked in. We didn't have to ask. The Macaroni Grill is right in front of our hotel...and we cried. How good of the Lord! He is just full of surprises.

We had the sweetest waitress named Allie. At the end of our dinner she asked what we were doing in town. With a lump in my throat we gave a quick explanation of our destination. A few minutes later she brought us our bill and a sweet surprise...a giant piece of chocolate cake from the restaurant and her kind words asking God to bless us. And...I cried again.

I was having a weak kind of day today and so was Rachel. I think the packing and pending drive kind of made things very real. God was so faithful to show us, yet again, His unfailing love and His great faithfulness.

I'm not sure what tomorrow will hold but I am confident in the One who holds tomorrow and our family in His mighty hands.

May the Lord bless each one of you and show His great favor towards you. I'll try to post information from our visit sometime tomorrow evening or Saturday morning.



bp said...

This gives me chills to read! Isn't it just like the Lord to have the Macaroni Grill right across the street!! And how special for the waitress to be so kind. I'm praying for your sweet family.

Sheryl said...

Kristi, He is definitely looking out for your family. I think of you all the time, praying for Rachel.


Homesteader in Training said...

You know sometimes it's just the little things that make a huge impact isn't it? How wonderful for the Lord to place that waitress in your path.
I'm still praying for you and your precious daughter!

Erica said...

That is absolutely amazing, once again. I am praying for you all today.

Deanna said...

how great God is! I never cease to be amazed at His awesomeness!!!

I came back to read a little more about your dd. I pray for her.

I have to tell you also, that in the midst of this journey your family travels, I have been blessed by your postings.

Here's just one of the quotes you shared from one of my all time favorite missionaries!

"The beginning of anxiety is the end of faith, and the beginning of true faith is the end of anxiety." George Mueller.

Over in my neck of the woods, I walk a different journey, but we serve the same God, the same God who saves, the same God who loves & provides for our every need, the same God who is worthy to be forever praised!

~I needed to hear this, I'll tuck it away in my notes somewhere~

Thanks for sharing.
Many blessing.
In Jesus, Deanna ~ the one w/ the best kitty cat in the world named "kiki", lol. I still chuckle over that :O)