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Introducing Miss Holy Pants!

I just had to drop in and tell ya'll that Rachel is having a WONDERFUL day today! She is courageously trying to go to school all day. Armed with prayer, the Lord, and His strength she is pressing on today. I'm so proud of her!

We had a fabulous afternoon yesterday. Yesterday morning, as you could probably tell from yesterday's post, my cry button was pushed. I couldn't help it. My eye twitching, shaky, puffy eyed, self was a sight to behold, I'm sure.

The Lord helped me pull myself together yesterday afternoon before I picked the girls up from school. Rachel was beaming when I picked her up. Her headaches had lessened a bit and she was thrilled to be back with her friends and a couple of cute guys winked at her...and well ...for an almost 16 year old girl, that makes everything a bit better, doesn't it? (shhhh, please don't share that last part with Mr. Incredible).

Anyway, Rachel felt like doing a little shopping after school. It was so fun and desperately needed! Her sister had to wear warm up pants to school and was in great need of jeans. The night before, we were having dinner when Hannah lept out of her chair and grabbed her pants.

With a look of horror, she bent over and said, "Momma, can you see this hole?" I said, "You mean the 3 inch gaping hole? ....Did you wear those jeans to school today????" Yes, she explained, because her other 2 pairs had holes in them too. What does she do to her jeans? "When did you get that hole?"

She quipped in a very southern drawl, "I DO NOT KNOW!" We both belly laughed until our sides hurt. Oh my goodness!!

I always run through my Mom checklist before my girls head out the door for school. I usually ask: Did you have your devotional? Did you brush your teeth? Did you make your bed? Take your medicine? Do you have your homework? I may need to add: Did you check your jeans...to the list. Oiy!

Yes, excuse us. I'm the shaking, eye twitching mother and this is my youngest daughter, Miss Holy pants! I'm so thankful that it is Friday! Have a blessed weekend!




ilovemy5kids said...

I needed that laugh! I hope you have a glorious weekend and find lots of sweet deals on jeans! :)

Homesteader in Training said...

Oh my friend. Such a funny story and I"m glad to hear that your daughter was well enough to go shopping. Little Miss Holy Pants! I love it!
Happy Friday to you my friend.

Melanie said...

Oh, dear.... so funny! I am just thrill to hear stories of Rachel feeling a bit better and of laughter in your household!

Praying it continues thru the weekend.

bp said...

It's good to read Rachel felt like going shopping! Hope she has a great day at school. You all have a wonderful weekend.

Thanks for your comment on As Long as it is called today.

Beth in NC said...

So happy to hear funny news!


Cheryl said...

So funny!

I'm so glad Rachel is feeling better! Praises!

Have a great weekend!


Susan said...

Oh that was precious.

I'm so glad you found humor in your day. It's been a rough road for you guys.

Hope you had a great time shopping!

Still praying♥

LAURIE said...

Its great to be able to laugh at life! cuz sometimes stuff just happens. This is my first time to stop by your page and I'm not sure what your daughters need is but I will add her to my prayer list.

Anonymous said...

That's awesome! I am so glad she had a good day! I will keep praying that the Lord will keep her (and you) strong and heal her. Praise the Lord for a wonderful day!

Alexis said...

HAHA! FUNNY!! I have a couple pairs of Holy pants, and I even have Holy socks too!

Debra said...


Happy Sunday, my friend! This was too cute. I pray Rachel's good spirits held through the weekend. We kept her in our prayers.

And I hope you found some sweet deals on some jeans! ((hugs)) to you holy girls! Oiy! lol

Tracy said...

Good stuff my friend. Laughing out loud. So glad to hear Rachel was up to shopping. Hope you guys had fun...something tells me you did. ; ) Hope you got some sweet deals, too!

Thanks for sharing such sweet words about the proposal. They warmed my heart so much!

Colored With Memories said...

that is so funny. so glad that she was able to go to school!

stop by when you get a chance...i passed along a blog award to you today...


Homesteader in Training said...

I was just thinking about you my friend. How's your precious daughter feeling? Are you keeping your sanity with school and such! You all are still in my prayers and I wanted you to know that!!!
BIG Hugs.