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What a Welcome Home!

I don't know if you have seen these photos or not but they made me cry tears of joy this morning!  President and Mrs. George W. Bush surprised US troops who were returning home from Iraq and Afghanistan on Wednesday morning, August 11th, at the DFW airport.  You can read the story here.  These photos were in the email I received, but I don't have a source for the photos below:

What a welcome home that must have been!  This reminds me of our trip to St John this summer where we were blessed to be a part of a welcome home for our US troops at the DFW airport too.  It was so moving to see everyone in the airport stop, stand to their feet, and applaud these fine men and women and welcome them home.  It makes me tear up just thinking about it! 

I try not to be very political on my blog, but this was a president that I prayed for on a regular basis.  I can't imagine the pressure and stress that he was under but I am so thankful for his Godly leadership while he was president.  I have to admit that I am not as quick to pray for President Obama...I'm not proud of that fact and Sunday's sermon made me realize that God allowed President Obama to be our president...He could have stopped it, but He didn't and even though, he wasn't my choice, he is still our president and I should be praying for him too. 

But, speaking of praying, would you please join me in praying that the Ground Zero mosque will not take place!  That God will put a stop to all of those awful plans and that He would so change the hearts of our leaders.  The United States of America is still one nation, Under God...He is still on the throne...He sees it all...but it is time we Christians stopped whining and complaining about the leadership and started getting down on our knees about important issues like this one. 

The evil one would like to have a strong foothold in our country...but the United States of America belongs to the Lord...for His good purpose and for His glory.  Will you join me in praying?


The Real Me! said...

How cool is that for all the troops that made their way home to be greeted by former President Bush.
And I share your views on our current president but I've also been reading a few people's opinions on the matter and I love what someone said about Obama being the best president ever because of every stupid thing he is doing, he has finally woke America up and we are FINALLY starting to take our country back.
American's have been to fat and happy for to long and Obama was the kick in the butt we needed to wake up and realize that our freedom could quickly be taken from us by one man. And now people aren't taking it.
That and I keep saying, 2 more years, 2 more years. OY!
And I'm guilty of not praying for him as much either. And when I do, it's not for protection. LOL!
Have a great day my friend.

Barbie said...

What a sight! And I am with you on those prayer requests. Yes, God allowed President Obama into office. And now we, as Christian American's must stand and pray from a place of honor and respect. God is bigger!

bp said...

I had not heard of this, thanks for sharing the pictures. I agree, we really need to be in prayer with our President even though we don't agree with him.

Lea said...

Hey there Kristi,
Thank you for stopping by and for telling me you'd been praying for me! I've needed them; thankyou!!!

Loved seeing these pictures and I too realize I don't pray for President Obama like I should.
And everytime I hear about the "mosque" it makes me SICK.

STANDING WITH YOU dear friend!

Liz said...

Thank you for writing this! We have to take America back!