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Office Overhaul

I can't believe I am going to post these pictures....I really can't.  If you have read my blog long enough, you know my life is certainly not perfect and I don't always have it together.  Most of us have a junk drawer, right?  Don't you have a junk drawer?  Anyone???? 

For the last few months, as I launched my photography business, put together all of my marketing materials, and dreamed big dreams for this new adventure with the Lord, I collected more than a junk drawer...um I hate to admit it... but I had a junk room. Yes, an entire room.  Granted my office is only 10 x 14 but still, it was junk-y!

My office became the catch all, end all, throw it in there and hope to be able to close the door room. Really, it did and I'm not proud of that fact.  My mother raised me better than that!  When it became difficult to navigate my way into the office in the wee, hours of night, (where I could work without feeling guilty that I might be neglecting my family) without fearing that I would hurt myself, I knew it was time to fix my junk room. But, I really didn't want to.  It was a mess!

I put on my big girl panties and got to work.  Wanna see the before photos?  They are straight out of the camera...I didn't even take the time to set my white balance so the photos are as bad as the room.  Ready?  Ok, here goes (deep breaths on my part...starting to break out into hives...not believing I am sharing this with the world):

See where it would be hard to navigate my way to my computer in the dark?  I was taking my life into my own hands, I tell you!  And see in the top right photo all of my beautiful marketing materials put away so carefully...on the floor!  I couldn't stand it.  They needed a better home.

I don't have an explanation for this photo above...or even my quirky decor on the right.  It was during my Mary Engelbreit phase, ok?  I actually sewed this little wall hanging and hung it on a twig I retrieved from our front yard.  It has hung in this same spot for the last 10 years and it was past time to go.

I carefully cleared out the room and realized what a great space it really is.  I am so thankful to have a home office and I hope to take much better care of it.  Here are a few pictures of the Office Overhaul...that was done for less than $100. 

I have room to walk around and everything.  Woo hoo!  My photography marketing materials have a new home and even the tissue paper for my packaging has a home too.  I used inexpensive curtain rods from Target (tar-jay) to hang my tissue paper from and I think it adds just the right amount of color over there and it's practical too. 

I bought sheets to make a sort of covering for my new shelving unit but I'm taking them back tomorrow.  I thought that I would like to have my "stuff" covered up but I know myself well,  it will just get messy again so I'm trying to embrace the open.  I cleaned out the tall shelving unit and now I have a place for photography props and I really like that. 

Not bad for a few hours and less than $100.  I like my re-organized space so much that I actually spent the afternoon designing Christmas cards for my clients.  Delight!

Okay, I exposed myself to the world...my office anyway (where is your mind?).  Now, it's your turn.  Do you have a junk drawer?  Or room?  Tell me, tell me.  I want to know...so I can feel a little better about myself.  Ha! 


Veronica said...

Wow! The change is incredible. and soo beautiful :)

The Real Me! said...

Oh I had a junk ROOM as well. I'm still in the process of taking it over! Pictures will come as soon as I'm "finished"!
You did a fabulous job, cause that was pretty bad! LOL!
Have a fabulous day my friend.

12-arrows said...

Oh I loved your before and after pics and I'm HUGE on organization so it was fun seeing how you put it all into place. I don't have a cluttered spot or drawer anywhere in my house. . . .a few years ago I totally simplified my life, our home, and today its still simple and I LOVE it, its a long story, but it works for me!