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If A Mom Goes to the Grocery Store

I planned to write my book this summer.  It's been on my lengthy To Do list since the end of May.  I want to write about Rachel's story and God's faithfulness to us, but I can't even start it.  I become an absolute puddle on the floor every time I try to write it.  I saw a miracle with my own eyes and my heart is longing to put pen to paper...but I just can't find a way to start it...and that leaves me feeling a little sad and a little guilty too.  After everything He has done for us, why can't I write this book?  I will be able to cross everything off my To Do list except for this one {sigh!}.  But maybe one day.

So, with book ideas swirling in my head I wrote this little funny one after my grocery shopping trip.  Ya'll were so sweet to give me ideas for meal planning and tips.  Thank you! Thank you!  I know that with school starting all too quickly, I will find my groove again as far as meal planning goes.  So, here is my little story, based on If you Give a Mouse a Cookie.

If a mom goes to the grocery story,
after weeks of avoiding the place,
she'll work real hard to make a list
and drive 40 minutes to that place.

She'll shop till she drops
with a cart full of food
but after she'll stop at Starbucks,
a reward for being good.

She'll drive back home,
unload her wares,
and then she'll look at her kitchen
and stare.

What's in the bottom of my refrigerator?
she'll ask
and then she'll look at it closer and
wish for a mask.

It's been too long since she did
a thorough cleaning,
so she'll roll up her sleeves
and do what's been needing.

She'll look in the pantry,
at that mess on the floor
and then she'll want to cry
and weep and say once more,

Who lives in this house
are there pigs living here?
But she'll mop it and clean it
and reorganize in there.

And then with her groceries
all nicely tucked away,
she'll start to make dinner
the old fashioned way.

She'll make her children's fave
complete with mashed potatoes
but then she'll watch as her mixer
freaks out and mistakenly does the wave.

Potatoes will fly all over the wall
and then this mama will realize
who lives here after all.

It's not only her family
who has made such a mess!

So, once again grabbing her cleaning caddy,
she'll wipe down every nook and cranny.

With the dishes put away
and her family now well fed
exhausted, she'll finally climb into bed

She'll giggle to herself
as she says her prayers
and thank the Lord above
for all of her wares.

It's been a full day
of cleaning and shopping
for the family that she adores.

But that's what happens when a Mom
finally goes to the Grocery store.


The Real Me! said...

I know that when the timing is right you'll be able to write that book my friend. Things may just need to settle in your Spirit before you can make sense of it all.
And I love your little story. Sounds like me! LOL!
Have a fabulous day!

Debra Kaye said...

Kristi, thank you for your prayers for Josh and man oh man did I need that hug!

God's perfect timing is called that for a reason, honey. He will guide you and give you the peace and strength to write it when you are ready. Trust Him.

Your grocery store diddy is classic! Loved it! Love you!

TidyMom said...

I don't know how I just found your blog.......but I LOVE LOVE LOVE this!!!

Erica said...

I love it! So very cute, and accurate!
I agree with Kim. When the time is write, the words will just flow!

Barbie said...

I know that God will bring you the words to write in His timing. I loved your little poem. And so true too!

zen mommy said...

you brought me a smile. thanks!

i too have a story of God's grace (a miracle truly!) burning inside me... and baby twins plus two. ha. not a lot of writing time.

joining you in asking for the time and space to create according to God's plan. that we may actively seek to carry God's will into effect and passively accept what God's will gives to us. (including moldy veggies in the frig... :0)