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Waiting on the Orthopedic Doctor to Call

*Update: Hannah had a x ray this morning and the nurse just called. The doctor, who is in surgery all day was able to look at the x rays, and doesn't think that Hannah has a hairline fracture on her hip but the nurse cautioned that it is often difficult to see on the first x rays. They want Hannah to be on crutches for 2 weeks and to not put any weight on her leg and then they will see her again on July 1st for another round of x rays. Hannah's health is my number one priority but my mind is reeling because we are suppose to leave for vacation on Sunday...the vacation we have had planned for a year. I asked her about our trip and she paused and told me that she would have the doctor call me back. So, we will be waiting for his phone call and praying for wisdom. Thanks for praying.

Good Morning,

It has been a long night! I am waiting on the Orthopedic Doctor to call me back. Hannah is playing summer league basketball and she took a terrible fall last night. A "thug" from the other team maliciously swiped her feet out from under Hannah when they both were trying to get the ball and Hannah's legs went flying up in the air...she was parallel to the ground, like a straight line, and she landed completely on the left side of her hip. It was awful.

True to her brave self, she got up and tried to shake it off. I thought she was going to cry so I knew that she was hurt. Hannah has a very strong tolerance for pain. I really wanted to walk on to the court to make sure that she was okay but I knew it would embarrass her so I tried to patiently wait for her to look up at me and then I would know what to do.

She didn't look at me until several minutes later so I knew in my heart that she was hurt. She continued to play the rest of the game but she was visibly hurt and MAD! The other team had her number and they were trying to keep her from playing her game. I think she ended up scoring 16 points in spite of their efforts.

Look at how they double or even triple teamed her the whole game:



After the game she hugged me and started shaking. I took a look at her hip and it was clearly swollen where she had hit the ground. I debated about taking her to the emergency room but just decided to try to let her rest and ice it.

She didn't rest at all last night...not even for a minute, and she is in more pain this morning. So, here we are waiting on the doctor to call us back and to tell us what to do. She is pale and her stomach hurts and I'd like to give those referees a piece of my mind right now! This is summer league and the girls are not suppose to get hurt like that!


Melanie said...

Oh, poor Hannah! Hope that call comes soon and he can provide some relief for her... will be praying!

Kim@Seasons of My Heart said...

Oh Kristi~
I'll be praying for your Hannah...and for you! I can so relate.....sometimes those summer leagues can get way out of hand!

Keep us posted on how's she's doing...and I'll continue to pray.

The Real Me! said...

Okay I was reading this all backwards but am finally caught up.
Poor Hannah. Not the way she wanted to spend her summer I'm sure.
Praying that it's nothing major and she heals quickly and can get back to tanning and snorkeling, that's if you end up going.
Keep us posted.