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A Horned Toad Comes to Visit

Ya'll it is hot outside! I'm talking over 100 degrees. The are predicting 108 degrees today and tomorrow. Whew-ee! That is hot! It makes me want to make some sun tea...which will probably be ready, or should I say freshly boiled, in less than an hour.

It is so hot outside even the horned toads are coming out for a visit. Mr. Incredible found this big mama while we were working outside:


I don't know if you have horned toads, we call them horny toads (I'm not sure why), in your part of the world but we think they are so cool. Just look at the marking on this one:


The Great Creator is so creative! There are baby horny toads running around our land too. We think this one is one of the mama's and clearly she didn't seem to mind coming inside for a little break from her little ones. I think she enjoyed being inside where it was cooler. No, we didn't keep her inside very long, just long enough to snap a few pictures and then for Mr. Incredible to put her to sleep for a little nap.

Have you every put a horny toad to sleep? No, I'm not kidding. Mr. Incredible learned this as a little boy. You lay the horny toad on his/her back and then with your finger draw imaginary circles around the toad until they go to sleep. I just re-read that last sentence and it sounded a little crazy-didn't it? Go ahead and giggle-I am!

I should have grabbed the video camera so that you could see it. My description doesn't do it justice. Anyway, Mrs. Horned Toad went to sleep until Mr. Incredible woke her up. She was a tired momma toad. I sound like a hick, I know. Remember I am a big city girl just trying to make it in the country despite how I just sounded in this post. Yep, city girl "fer" sure! Ha! Ya'll have a great weekend and stay cool!


Barbie said...

I'd rather have a horney toad come and visit us than the skunks and racoons we get! And yes, God is so creative in how he decorates all living things!

The Real Me! said...

Oh have mercy my friend. You really do crack me up. I love your "wild" animal posts. My favorite of course is still the rattle snake story. LOL!
Have a fabulous day my friend.

bp said...

I love that you took pictures of your visitor!
We saw one on a tree at my Mom's house on Mother's Day weekend. She said when she was little she remembers they were everywhere and now we rarely see them. My hubby said how they are one of the things they have to watch for during the construction phase of projects. They can't leave the trenches for water lines uncovered overnight and if a horny toad does fall in a trench they have to call all these people and have someone come remove it from the trench.

Lea said...

Wish we had horny toads here!
We just have shabby olde toads. ;)

Ya skeered me abit when you first said, he put the toad TO SLEEP.*
Especially after he directed you to put the rattle snake to eternal sleep by skidding over it with yer Burb. shewwwwwwwww.... glad he let this one wake back up.

City girl? Not anymore.*
I dub thee countrified.
forever more.
Get usta it.
love ya my Lieb!

joven said...

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Debra Kaye said...

Oh my goodness, this is funny!! Thank you for stopping by and thank you for your prayers for Josh.

Big hugs!! Big big hugs!!