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A Few of My Favorite Things for Summer

I haven't done this in a while so I thought it might be fun. Here are few of my favorite things for Summer (next to Jesus and my family, of course!).

Have you tried the new Bounce Dryer Bar? Oooooh! I am loving this thing~and not just for summer. No more having to pick up those pesky dryer sheets. I have had mine for 6 weeks now and my clothes still smell incredible:

This is my scent for the summer. Do you have a summer scent? I took this lotion with us to St John last summer and everytime that I wear it this year, my girls tell me that it reminds them of our vacation. I always try to take a new scent when we go somewhere. Do you ever do that? Somehow the scent brings back memories. I am stuck on this delightful coconut lime verbena from Bath and Body Works:
And this! Oh, I heart Photoshop! I never loved it more than after the Ft. Worth Botanical Gardens Photo Shoot.

I thought that I had carefully set my white balance on my camera but the shade and the clouds kept changing and did I remember to change the white balance for different areas? No! A lot of my photos looked like this one. A little too warm for my taste:


Photoshop to the rescue!


Have you tried Lash Blast Mascara? I think it is pretty awesome:

Or the new Pretzel M & M's? Our school secretary introduced us all to these. She made prescriptions bottles from Dr. Summers Coming filled with these m's and offered refills for a nickel during the last few weeks of school. They are different but delicious.

Do you like Skinny Cow ice cream? We do!

And we always look forward to watching the next Food Network star on Sunday evenings. We like Aria and Aarti. Do you have a fave?

And I am crushing on my new lens. It's light on my camera and it somehow has a wide angle...so cool!

On our trip to Ft. Worth, I stopped in Sephora for some lighter summer makeup. This tinted moisturizer by Laura Mercier does the trick. It is is oil free and feels like I am not wearing any makeup at all. Oh, and it doesn't melt off my face in the hot Texas weather...bonus!

We like to frequent happy hour at Sonic...but even at happy hour prices, it can add up. So, I picked up a can a marachino cherries at the grocery store to add to our crystal light lemonade...delight in a cup!

Whew! That's all for now. What are your favorite things for summer?


The Real Me! said...

Man! I'm drooling over here at all the wonderful favorite things. I need to try those Bounce bars and I really think I need to try the pretzel M & M's.
And I always bring a new scent when we go on vacation just because of that reason of it constantly reminding us of it after the fact when I wear it.
Wonderful fun post my friend. Made me smile all through it. Now I must go shopping!

♥ilovemy5kids♥ said...

I love the bounce bars.

My newest mothering trick is M and M's. They work for everything! Some would call it bribery - I like to think of it as babying or blessing the lil' one.

Love your finds!

Nice idea of changing the fragrance for the summer...all I smell is sheet-rock dust. lol.

lana @ ilovemy5kids

Erica said...

So fun...I love Skinny cow and can't wait to those pretzel m & m's! I love the photos as well. I have a picture of Brea as a baby in one of those butterfly benches! So fun!

Lea said...

Oh I love that picture of Rachel!
Our little butterfly!!!
Ya know my Lieb, if you were my neighbor I'd hound you to teach me the ins n outs of Photo shop. I have it now and still struggle using it.
The Bath n Body works scent sounds like something I'd like to try and since my usual mascara is no longer on the market... I may try yours!
Hope you're enjoying your summer break!