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I am Sew on a Roll!

I am having so much fun taking pictures with my "Big Girl" camera. Mr. Incredible blessed me with my Nikon D60 over a year ago and I love it! But, after seeing so many cute camera straps around blog land I started to want one too. I finally decided which one I wanted to order from SheyB and when I started to order it, I realized that it was going to be at least 4 weeks before it would be mailed. Shey B camera straps are gorgeous but patience is not my strong subject, so I decided to make my own very simple version.

This is what my camera strap has looked like for the last year:


I looked in my craft closet and found this beautiful black and white damask-like curtain material that was left over from Rachel's bedroom makeover. I found some cute pink ribbon too:


I like all things girlie, so I wanted a ruffle on my camera strap. I sewed a somewhat straight stitch down the middle of the ribbon. I didn't back sew because I wanted to be able to pull the strings tight to form the ruffle:


Then I carefully sewed the ruffled ribbon to the material:


It isn't perfect, but that is okay.


I then turned the material insides in and wrapped it around my camera strap. I pinned it close the edges of the camera strap...I am so good that I didn't use a ruler~I hope you heard the sarcasm in my voice. And then I carefully sewed the length of the material.


The hardest part was turning it right sides out after sewing it. It's certainly not perfect, but neither am I. I like having some girlie-ness on my camera strap and it only cost me a little bit of time...as in 20 minutes.


I might just have to hot glue something over that double crazy-stitch on the pink ruffle. Ha!



The Real Me! said...

That is adorable. Great job!! I can't wait to see what you make next. You definitely got your creative juices flowing.

P.S. Thank you for your prayers. We are feeling them!!

Anonymous said...

That looks so cute...I just recently got some cute fabric, and have been wanting to make one for my Nikon, maybe that will be todays project.

P.S. Do you love your D60, I've got a D40x and have been looking at getting a new one? Would you recommend it?

Kim@Seasons of My Heart said...

You my friend...are too stinkin' creative!!! I LOVE what you've done with the camera strap!

Now, I need to get that camera. I've had it on my 'wish' list for over a year!!!!

Hope your summer is off to a great start!?!??!

ilovemy5kids said...

Love it! I just love anything damask!

I just love your encouragement!

Blessings to you!

Amydeanne said...

awww so cute! i love it!

12-arrows said...

your amazing and the things you create are too! what a gift!