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Rainbow Cupcakes A La Hannah

The band's theme this year is everything Beatles.  Some of the band parents and I decorated the band hall right before contest in the 70's Groovy vibe style.  It was fun.  The week of competition I designed t-shirts and sold them with the theme on the front and all of the band member's names on the back.  I sold 126 shirts in one day~crazy!  And right in the middle of all of this, Hannah told me that she wanted to do something special for her fellow band members and directors~70 members in all.

She saw rainbow cupcakes on the internet and really, really wanted to make them for the band.  I promised that we would find the perfect time to make them and thankfully we did. We made them on a Thursday evening after school.  We started at 6:00 and finished at 12:30.  There was lots of joy and laughter in our kitchen and shouts coming from the final World Series game as we rooted for our Texas Rangers. 

My baby girl is blessed with that "P" word (patience) and she worked tirelessly on her cupcakes. We mixed together the cake batter and then carefully added just the right amount of  food coloring to each bowl. 

She carefully lined the pans with foil cupcake liners and then it was time to begin:

She spooned just the right amount of purple in the bottom of each cupcake tin:

Then layered the blue over the top of that and then green, etc.
All of that became much too time consuming. So, we regrouped and poured the colored cake mixture in ziplock bags, cut the tip of the end and used them as if they were icing bags.  This speeded the process up greatly. 

Finally, 72 cupcakes were carefully retrieved from the oven and set out to cool:

We could hardly wait to see what they looked like on the inside.  Hannah carefully, peeled back one side to reveal the awesome rainbow cupcakes:
After they were cooled, we added the canned frosting and sprinkles to the tops. They look like ordinary cupcakes at first glance:

But the groovy-est surprise waits inside!  Hannah was excited to share her creations with her friends.  Making cupcakes for over 6 hours with my baby girl was a blast! 

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The Real Me! said...

Those look pretty groovy! Way to go Hannah! and Mom. LOL!
She has such a kind heart and thank the Lord she has patience.
Have a beautiful day my friend.