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Photographer Down

This is that wonderful busy time of year for me as a photographer. The last several weeks have been flooded with photo sessions, late night edits, and designing lots of custom Christmas cards and filling orders. And I have loved every minute of it...but I am starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. My last day to place orders for my clients is November 26th and then Kiki's Corner Photography will be closed until January 2nd so that I can spend Christmas with my family.

This past weekend I had 4 photo shoots. Saturday morning began bright and early with Laci's Senior Personality Photo Shoot. We had so much fun; we even braved an old building where thousands, okay 50 pigeons nearly made me pee my pants as they flew over our heads on their way out of the building. I even squeeled a little bit. And this is how Laci reacted:

That evening I had another photo shoot of a sweet family, but I can't post pictures until after Christmas~they are a sweet surprise for family members.  The photo shoot was so fun.  Their little one was happy, they were happy, the lighting was perfect, and I was happy because my man came along too.  I love it when he joins me on photo shoots! 

A few minutes into the photo shoot I noticed my right leg started itching.  I thought maybe I had gotten into stickers or something.  So, I itched my leg a bit and continued on.  Towards the end of the photo shoot, I knew I was breaking out in hives all over my body.  I tried to stay calm and professional and not scratch.  When we told our our sweet clients good bye and drove home, I started scratching violently.  It was bad!

As soon as we got home, I jumped into the shower and took two Benadryl.  Yes, hives had taken over my body; I even had them on my scalp! 

The next morning I woke up to 40 terrible looking bites on my right leg, and a few on my hands.  My right ankle was terribly swollen.  We called the nurse hotline to see what to do and it turns out a trip to the emergency room was in order.

Long story short, it was fire ants.  My right leg is getting better but it has been terribly painful.  The doctor couldn't believe that I didn't know I was getting swarmed by fire ants.  I was just focused on my clients and getting the perfect shot.

Needless to say, on a small scale, my leg looks like a freak show and it has caused a lot of pain.  Thankfully, this morning I was able to walk on it without terrible pain and the swelling is finally looking better.  I am always a bit clumsy on photo shoots but this is over the top.  Oiy!

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The Real Me! said...

Oh my friend. OUCH! My youngest is allergic to fire ants. He swells up too. Glad you're getting better you die hard you!