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A Texas Wedding

Oh Ya'll! I have been so excited about sharing this post. We went to the BEST wedding this weekend. It was a private ceremony...and we were invited! The wedding ceremony was out of town so we had to leave early and we had to drive Mr. Incredible's King Ranch pickup because the wedding was on the Concho River! This is what we saw on our drive:


Here we are entering the private gate. Everything is so green. We passed 3 deer, one armadillo and some cows on the way:


This is how the Bride and Groom entered the ceremony:


I love it! They even left the big gun rack on...in case any guests got out of hand...just kidding! I imagine it was for all of the critters but thankfully I didn't see one. Remember? We left the my weapon of choice, the suburban, at home (see Friday's post if you are totally confused).

This is the bride's son. He was the cutest ring bearer. I wish that you could hear him talk; he has the best southern drawl.


The ceremony was under the giant trees that grew so beautifully next to the Concho River.

Mr. Incredible was the singer and he was accompanied by a fiddler and our friend who plays the guitar. It was beautiful too!


The happy couple. We are praying God's blessings all over them and their family. The bride went to high school with my husband and she is absolutely amazing. She has been through a lot in her lifetime and we could not be happier for her!

After the ceremony it was time to party! And we got to party at this GORGEOUS home!
I couldn't wait for Mr. Incredible to pull over, so I just shot this picture through the dash. The house is over 100 years old.

I was beside myself when we saw the backyard, or should I say resort like setting, I haven't stopped drooling yet!


The food was awesome....my mother in law and her sisters catered it.

And then the sun set and it got a little cool so our hosts lit the chimeneas and fire pits.


I was trying to not be obnixious about taking pictures but I could have taken 100's! This home is gorgeous. Here is the last photo of the house that I took discretely. I loved the rocking chairs on the back porch. I can picture sitting there drinking sun tea with fresh slices of lemon and having great conversations. Can't you?


I had a little family photo shoot on the river before the wedding started that I will post Tuesday. Ya'll have a blessed day!


Tracy said...

Cannot wait! That wedding looks amazing and that house! Wow! I can understand...I would have been snapping photos like crazy, too! What a beautiful, beautiful bride. Wishing them much joy and happiness!

The Real Me! said...

My husband and I are sitting here thinking that you all are our kind of people and we live in the wrong state! LOL!
Those are beautiful pictures and I would have sat here and looked at the whole 100 of them if you would have posted them all. Hee! Hee!
Can't wait to see the pictures of your family AND I'm still laughing about the snake story!
Love ya.

ilovemy5kids said...

Aww...I felt right at home. I could hear the Texan drawl right through the pictures. How I miss the "Howdys!"

Blessings...I'm still looking everywhere for snakes now...thank you very much!!! lol. :)

Andrea said...

Beautiful!! We went to a private garden wedding this weekend and it was amazing.

Beth in NC said...

Wow, lovely!!! I love love love that house!

The wedding looked so sweet.