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Another Photo Shoot and a Lesson

Ya'll are the BEST! Thank you so much for your comments and emails to me about me possibly starting a part time photography business. You really know how to lift a girl up. Thank you so much!

So, in the middle of my crazy, full week, I decided to help "Chita," by taking her senior photos as a gift to her. This girl has been through a lot lately and she was upset that she didn't have any senior portraits. So, I told her that I had an hour on Thursday afternoon to take some senior photos if she liked.

She was excited and I was too. Thursday afternoon came and no Chita. I finally texted her to see what was going on. She wasn't finished with her hair and she needed a ride. So, 3o minutes later, we started the photo shoot. Oiy!

There was no way that I was going to miss Hannah's band concert (I so wish that I had pictures of Hannah playing her flute but we sat on the wrong side and all I could only snap pictures of the back of her head). So, I kicked it in to full gear and started snapping a way. I was doing Chita a favor and I wanted to give my best effort.

Five minutes into the photo shoot she informed me that another photographer had taken hundreds of photos of her around town already that afternoon. They had used my in-laws yard and almost stopped at my house (no they didn't ask my permission). Hmmm...this explains why she skipped my 8th period class...and why Chita's mother came to my classroom that morning and wanted to see some of my photos. I thought that it felt a little like an interview but I just shrugged it off because I was not charging Chita a single penny!

Needless to say, it took me just a little bit before I realized that I was starting to smell a skunk. I reminded myself that I was doing this as my senior gift to her, so I kept taking photos. But, to be honest, it bugged me!

We finished up after taking about 75 photos instead of the 100-200 photos that I had planned to take. I had to drive her home and then head to the band concert. Thankfully, I made it to Hannah's concert on time.

I sunk into my seat next to Mr. Incredible, a few minutes before the concert began, and nearly cried. I was exhausted. I was simply trying to do something nice and it wasn't appreciated. No, I wasn't doing it to be appreciated, but being thanked is always nice.

I worked on the images to make sure that she had them Friday afternoon so that she could order the pictures in time for the graduation on the 28th. As I presented the photos to her, she showed me the other photographer's photos and they were very good. Clearly, this wasn't a little photo shoot...and that stung a little bit.

I have to remind myself that my goal was for Chita to have senior portraits to treasure for a lifetime...and now she does regardless of whose photos that she chooses. And that is a good lesson to remember. If God blesses me with a part time photography business then it will be just that...His business and for His glory~not mine!

Whew! Are you still with me? I am going to go ahead and post a few of my photos of Chita. They are certainly not as polished and posed as the other photographer's are but I think the main reason is that my style is more natural and I am okay with that.









Thanks for dropping by my little corner of the world today! You are a blessing!


flower said...

good capture.(PHOTOGRAPHY)

Ashley said...

i think your photos are awesome!! That was kinda of rude to do that to you. You were doing this as a gift and were sort of taken advantage of.
I like the more natural pictures too, thats my style. I use minimal editing on my photos unless they really need some. But i like the natural light that i capture the picture in.

I always permission before i take photos in someone's yard. If it is a public place no big deal but that hurt i mean your in laws yard!

I do my photography part time/ on the side also and couldnt be happier!

I say go for it have fun doing what you love!!