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A Mother's Day Shrimp Boil

I hope that you had a wonderful mother's day! I thought of so many of you yesterday....many who were celebrating their very first Mother's Day, and many who were missing their sweet mothers. Mother's Day is a special day but it can be so bittersweet too, can't it?

From the time that I was a little girl, I can remember wanting to be a mommy. I had big dreams of being a mommy and I can honestly say that God dreamed even bigger dreams for me. I don't have adequate words to describe what it means to me to be called Momma by my girls. They are the absolute joys of my life.

My sweet daugters went shopping together for me this year without their daddy. This was a first. They even picked out their own cards and paid for them with their own money. I love how much they love me, but I don't want them to spend their money on me. They are my true mother's day gifts!

They surprised me with a beautiful frame with the verse that you see on my blog's header. They are so precious! Naturally, I cried. We went to church together and then had a quick lunch at the house so that Mr. Incredible could take his mom her gift and spend some time with her and then we had my parents over for dinner. We had a delicious shrimp boil....one of my absolute faves! Here is a picture of Mr. Incredible with all of the deliciousness:


I just had to take this next pictures...I had already bought the shrimp last week but Mr. Incredible had to buy some special shrimp (special shrimp sounds funny to me). My shrimp are true shrimp in size, his are the ginormous ones that Hannah completely devoured. They were so good!


Then we had a relaxing night at home. We watched the end of the Amazing Race and enjoyed our time together. Thank you, sweet family!


I thought I would share the recipe with you. Please, make this sometime and serve it the old fashioned way...on newspapers. Easy clean up but totally delicious!

Shrimp Boil (Our Family Favorite!!!)

10-12 whole small red potatoes4-6 small ears of corn (I use the frozen ones)
1 pound of cleaned, de-veined shrimp w/ tails
2 links Cajun smoked sausage cut diagonally
2 T Old Bay Seasoning (I use a lot more!)

Boil 8 quarts of water,
with salt and Old Bay Seasoning. After your water is boiling:
Add potatoes and cook for 10-12 min.
Add sausage and corn on the cobb and cook for 7 minutes.
Now add shrimp and boil another 3-5 minutes (just until pink).
Drain and pour contents onto your newspaper lined table(now that is an easy tablescape....newspaper that's it!).
Sprinkle w/ salt and serve w/ butter, Old Bay Seasoning, cocktail sauce and lemon wedges.
So delicious!!!

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Susan said...

Looks yummy!!

Great pictures too. What kind of lens did you use for those pictures?

Looks like your daughter is doing well, and I'm so blessed.

Thanks for sharing your Mother's Day with us!