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Mr. SHS Pageant

Tonight our high school is sponsoring a Mr. SHS Pageant where the guys dress up as...um...how do I say it...girls! It's a fun tradition to raise some money for FFA (Future Farmers of America). Rachel is sponsoring one of her football buddies. He is a super sweet, extremely fun, full of energy, but a very macho kind of guy...and he is a good sport too.

Last night Spencer came over to put together his ensemble. He had to come up with a talent, something to wear for the talent competition, and formal wear. I haven't laughed that hard in a long time. He asked the girls why he was doing this and they replied that if he wins then he will win some money and then it was game on. Nothing like a little competition to make this manly man go all out for a beauty pageant.

He tried on several outfits and in between a lot of giggles and a few tears from laughing so hard, I tried to snap a few photos (they are not quite as clear as I would have liked for them to be because I was having a hard time holding my camera still...with all of the giggling and all). Here is Spencer, or should I say "Sissie":


The dress would not go around his massive shoulders so Rachel and her friend Kim improvised and pinned a silver shawl to "Sissie's" dress:


And then the girls had fun trying on different wigs:

Then they tried on this outfit for the talent competition. I think "Sissie" is singing Shania Twain's song, "Man, I Feel like a Woman" which is perfect. Look at Rachel's face as Spencer is primping and stylin' in front of the mirror:


Looking good:

Except for a few "girl" issues. He asked for my help, but there was no way I was going there. I like my job as a teacher. So, Kim stepped in and made him some "girls"....thank you, Kim!

I think "Sissie" is looking more like a beauty pageant contestant after all:

Well, maybe not! Keep your arms down, Spencer!


Oh, he is such a good sport. We hope that he wins tonight's pageant!
Go Spencer!


bp said...

That's just hillarious!!! We did this our senior year also. The pictures make me laugh when I see them now. Have fun and I look forward to hearing the results!

Tracy said...

What a riot! He is indeed a good sport...hope he wins! = )

Lea said...

I'm totally laughin my keester off.