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Surgery Prayers for Rachel

****Update. After 4 1/2 hours the doctor
believes the job has been completed
and it is not necessary to open
the dura. And we are praising God!
He believes her brain decompression
surgery was successful. It will take
another 45 minutes to close and another
hour after that before we can see her.
I am so ready to see her! Thank you for
your continued prayers.

While Rachel is getting ready to take her shower, I thought I would quickly post some specific prayer requests. Please, join us at the Throne as we ask the Great Physician to:

*guide Dr. Roberts with His mighty hand
*guide Dr. Beal, the anesthesiologist with just the right anesthesia and for no ill side effects or complications
* that there would be absolutely no complications or problems during or after the surgery
* no spinal fluid leaks
*no infections
*peace for all of us
* for a full and speedy recovery time
*that Rachel will continue to have full confidence and assurance in the One who knows her by name and takes great delight in her precious life
*that the Lord's name would be known in this process
*that her choking would be completely alleviated
*that Rachel would be completely healed of her headaches~in Jesus name! (even though the doctor told us not to expect Rachel to be headache free after the surgery-we are believing God for this).
*that no one that God has not ordained to care for Rachel would even be allowed to touch even one hair on her head
*for Hannah (it's tough for us...I can't begin to imagine how hard this is for her too)
*for the nurses Tracey and Terri as they care for Rachel before and during surgery
*That God's presence would be felt in every room that Rachel is in, that His presence would be known, and that she would know that He is holding her in the very palm of His hand.

I know that I am leaving something out...there is so much I am praying for and believing God for over our precious daughter. But, I will stop for now.

I know that this is Thanksgiving week and there are so many things that you probably have going on around your household so please hear from my heart, my thanks to you for taking time to pray with us. You will never know how much that blesses us!

{sigh} I can't believe her surgery is tomorrow. I keep thinking today would be the perfect day for Jesus to return. Don't misunderstand me, I know that all of this is for His good purpose and for His great glory....oh but this is tough. I would trade places with Rachel in a heartbeat! My heart cries, "Come, Lord, Jesus, come!"

Rachel displayed Grace beyond her years today. The pre-op appointment went so smoothly. She is a little afraid but fully confident that God is going to do something amazing in her life tomorrow. She is anxiously waiting for her Great Physician to come and heal her. I am so proud of her...and God must be too.

I heard the sweetest thing this evening. There are students gathering at school early in the morning to pray for Rachel. They will be praying at 7:30 am just as she is going back to surgery. That is simply....incredible!

I guess that I should get ready to take my shower too. "Lord, Jesus, if You tarry, I choose to trust You! You are the Faithful One. You are mighty to save. Nothing is too difficult for You! Please, come and heal this precious child. We wait on You! Please, come and do what only You can do....and we will be so careful to give you all the praise and all the glory!"


Traci@ Beneath My Heart said...

Kristi, I AM PRAYING!!!!!!!!!!!

Andrea said...

Storming the heavens for Racheal.
Blessings, andrea

Andrea said...

Storming the heavens for Racheal.
Blessings, andrea


My prayers ae with all of you. May God give you peace in your heart and mind. As a mother and a grandmother, I cannot imagine how you feel tonight. Please try to rest and know that it is all in His hands.


Cheryl said...

Hey there friend,

I haven't been around blogland much,but today is a great day to be. Know that my prayers, thoughts, love and so much more are with you. God is good! He will take care of your sweet Rachel. Love,

ilovemy5kids said...

We are praying for you!

May the Jehovah Shalom grant you a Peace that passes all understanding!

You are loved sweet family!

Blessings to you,
lana @ ilovemy5kids

Tracy said...

I've been lifting many prayers for Rachel and all of you, too my friend. Just stopped by to remind you, especially today. I'm asking God to make His mighty presence known to ALL of you...today and all throughout Rachel's recovery.


The Real Me! said...

My friend know that I will be stopping what I'm doing at 7:30 to start praying for your precious daughter!!! My heart goes out to you all and you have been in my thoughts and prayers for some time.
Love you my friend.

Sharon's Cottage Quilts said...

Sending prayers for angels to surround Racheal's operating table this morning. That Our Savior is guiding the hands that will give this precious darling of yours healing beyond what the doctors expect. That Racheal will have no pain, no more suffering in her sweet life, that her testimony will reflect the miracle that she is. God Bless you this morning, and may He continue to cover you all in His peace.

Southern Comfort said...

I pray for you all, for Rachel's bravery, strength and calmness, for the doctors' skills and recall, for the family's peace, faithfulness and patience, for blessed recovery.

Karen M said...

Praying for Rachel and your whole family.

Kim@Seasons of My Heart said...

My prayers CONTINUE to be with you all...especially today!

I'm praying, and believing for a GREAT report!!

On my knees....


bp said...

You all have been on my heart and in my prayers all morning. When my husband's alarm went off this morning at 5:30 I couldn't go back to sleep. I had a headache that seemed to just come on randomly in a weird spot where I don't normally feel aches. I think God used this as a reminder to me to pray for Rachel and you. I prayed over every thing I could think of from your list I'd read the night before. I'll look forward to hearing an update whenever you all are able to do so.
Hugs to you.

Lea said...

Been praying and thinking of you all
all day long. Have others praying as well my little Lieb!

Holykisses Kristi!

Sharon's Cottage Quilts said...

Thank you for the update! Thank the Lord for the good news!! I will continue to pray for your precious daughter. Blessings~Sharon

Lea said...


Sheryl said...

Kristi, I am so sorry I wasn't reading any blogs during Rachel's surgery and healing. I have read all of your posts tonight and am so happy to hear her surgery went well!