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Praising the Lord from the Hospital Room

We are praising the Lord this morning! Rachel's headaches are down to a 6! Praise the Lord! The medicine seems to be working...she has better color in her cheeks....her eyes are bright and shiny....and she is smiling again!

One of the medicines made her sick in the night but they quickly gave her another medication to help with that. She feels really good this morning.

Of course she is a little tired but maybe she can take a few naps today. The nursing staff is taking excellent care of her. They came in and checked on her 7 times during the night (after midnight). She was able to sleep through a couple of the visits. Cooks Children's Hospital is an amazing place and we feel very blessed to be here.

Her daddy and I are so thankful that we can stay with her the entire time and Rachel is glad too. We have a little couch/bed like thing that Buzz (he snored a lot) can sleep on. I sang us to sleep last night by singing "Sleeping Double in a single bed" or something like that. And neither one of us rolled off onto the floor and we were glad 'cause one person in our family in a hospital bed at a time is more than enough!

I think her breakfast is on the way, she ordered fruit loops (her fave) and pop tarts. Starbucks is a few floors below us. Life is good... scratch that...God is good...all the time!

I'll try to post more later. Thanks for your continued prayers!



Blessed Mom of 8 said...


Praising God for the hospital care and staff!

Praising God her headaches are going down and the medicine seems to working.

Love and blessings,

Anonymous said...

So glad to hear the headaches are down and she is smiling. God is good.

Marsha said...

Isn't wonderful to to be able to praise God in the midst of a storm... praising Him for the little things that are actually big steps... praising Him for Fruit Loops... praising Him for Starbucks... (AMEN to that one!)

I will continue to pray for Rachel.

bp said...

Good morning Kristi,

Thanks for posting the update. I was so glad to read the postive news that Rachel was smiling this morning. Hope you have a blessed day.

Debra said...


I've been praying for you guys everyday.

Love that she got Fruit Loops and you got a sweet smile from Rachel.

Hugs to you, my friend.