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Calgon...Take me Away!

So, has the BUG...you know the one...visited your home?
I'll spare you all the details, but the stomach bug has been alive and active
around our home this week...and I would like for it to go far, far away!

Mr. Incredible and Hannah came down with it yesterday.
Rachel was home from school too for the second day in a row this week due to her tremendous headaches and me? I was busy teaching classes, running back and forth to check on my family, and attending my night classes at the university. And Calgon?...well it lies! It doesn't take you away!

When Mr. Incredible is sick...well...he likes company. Can anyone relate???
Bless his heart. I finally had to sweetly explain to him that Rachel really didn't need this bug on top of everything else that she is dealing with and to PLEASE go to the master bedroom and stay there! I sent Hannah to her side of the house too. I know...I'm sure they felt like they were in isolation but they both had tv's and laptops and all the ginger ale and crackers anyone could want...oh yeah...and my TLC... between classes.

At the bright and early time of 4 AM Hannah came into our bedroom this morning to let me know that she couldn't go back to sleep. Apparently she likes company when she is sick too!
Poor baby!


Homesteader in Training said...

Oh man! Tons of people around here are sick with the stomach bug as well. We are free and clear so far. Praise the Lord!! LOL.
I hope you don't get it and your family recovers quickly!!
Hugs from afar! LOL.

Tracy said...

Hang in there girl! This bug hasn't made it's way to our house, but recently made it's self at home in my sister's house...all 5 of her kids and hubby got it. This, in spite heroic efforts on her part to disinfect EVERYTHING and isolate each child one by one as they became sick. That's one nasty bug. Hope you stay well! This calls for more than Calgon...I'm thinking running to the nearest spa would be the best preventative care for Momma!

Beth in NC said...

Oh dear! God help you and Rachel stay WELL!

Brenda said...

The "bug" squirmed its way into our house a couple of weeks ago - it is not fun! Hope everyone is feeling better soon and make Lysol your new best friend!

Sheryl said...

I'm so sorry the bug has hit your house! Many of my preschoolers have been sick, as well as the teachers. I felt horrible yesterday, with a low-grade fever, but I awoke this morning feeing fine. Thank you, God! I hope your family feels better soon.


Tiffanie said...

We had the bug too! Half of us our still a tad stuffy nosed.

Love the pics of your girls, they are beautiful.

Praying for good health. Would make you some soup if I could!