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Hershey Bars are My New BFFs

Yeah, right! This may explain why I've eaten my way through a gigantic Hershey bar this afternoon...and how appropriate after yesterday's posting on "Sufficient Grace." {sigh!}
Yes, there is sufficient grace every day...even for mom's like me.

I wasn't very popular with our oldest daughter today. Ever been there?

She came into my classroom during 4th period because she wasn't feeling very well.
She expected me to excuse myself from my class and take her home,
or at least call someone to come and get her...but I didn't.

I knew the best thing for Rachel was to encourage her to stay until lunch time which was only an hour away. It was a hard Mom moment. Her headache pain level was at a 4 but I felt impressed by the Lord this morning that I might need to help her
set her goals a little higher concerning school.

I feel like I must add for those of you that may be judging me, that I LOVE my children dearly. I normally am very patient and compassionate but there is a fine line between pushing your children to do more for their own benefit and babying them. Do you know what I mean?

It's even harder after having your child in the hospital! Ugh! Sometimes it's hard to be a mom!
So, I didn't take her home right away. She was irritated with me and went back to her classroom. Yep, Mother of the Year!

I knew that Rachel was mad, but I knew in my heart that it was the right thing to do for her benefit. Still, I wanted to cry!

Not only did Rachel make it through her next class, but she got to enjoy going to lunch with some of her good friends and she made it all day long! Hallelujah! Because she was in class, her science teacher was able to help her get caught up on all of her work. She is only down to Algebra II and a few history notes and then she is completely caught up. I am thrilled for her.

I'm praying that next week will be better. I am still asking the Lord to take away her headaches but if for some reason He allows them to remain, that Rachel will be able to continue going to school and that she will find His grace sufficient for every moment too...even moments when she is completely frustrated with her mother.

I'd love to hear your "Mother-of-the-Year Moments" if you have any to share.
But in the meantime, I'm hanging up my super mom cape and heading to the grocery store...for more chocolate!


Beth in NC said...

Kristi, don't be hard on yourself. You did what you felt was right for Rachel and it turned out being a blessing for her.

Let me think ... my "latest" Mommy of the year ...Ok, I'm drawing a blank. I have many days where I overreact and then feel horrible about it. But YOU were doing what was right.

I pray Rachel's headaches go away forever!

Melanie said...

Oh, dear... haven't we all as mothers been in the same position?! As hard as it was, you did the right thing! Way to go, Mom! And, enjoy that chocolate. :)

sister sheri said...

Really? A gigantic Hershey bar? Some days... it is all we can do! Thanks for sharing your Mom Moment... You know your girls... and God has given you intuition for a reason! May he continue to bestow wisdom upon you.

I'll have to get back to you on my Mom Moments... I guess I repress them?

You are a great mom! Really, I read about you in your blog!

Sheryl said...

Oh, yeah. I've been there! My Rachel went through a period of thinking she needed to be home whenever she felt the slightest bit off. I felt like the mean mom pushing her to go, but I knew in my heart that it needed to be done.

It was payback time for me.

When I was in elementary school, I often told my mom I didn't want to go to school because I didn't feel well. She'd drop me off at school and I'd sulk. Once I got into the classroom, I was fine. Awhile ago my mom finally admitted that she had felt so guilty that she returned to the school to see if I was still standing on the curb. I never was.

I know this is nothing compared to what you've experienced with Rachel. You've had some serious health issues. However, it does all come down to moms knowing best (or at least hoping!) for their children.

You did well, Mom!

Beth in NC said...

Thank you so much for your comment!!! I didn't go to college until after I was married. I didn't think I'd be able to do it. Satan had me convinced that I would never be smart enough. The Lord and I graduated with honors -- and I was on the Dean's List every time. What a blessing! I still can't believe I did it. lol

I totally understand what you are saying! I am proud of you for going and doing so well! To God be the glory!!!

Thank you for understanding and leaving such a sweet comment!


ilovemy5kids said...

OMG! Chocolate is my bff! (Haven't we had that conversation before?)

Yesterday, was my mommy moment. I was a leader, taking 16 kids on a field trip. Guess which kid acted out? Yep, my husband's eldest. LOL. (He's mine too, - well this morning.) :)

I started reading On Becoming Preteen Wise, again. It was neat when we got home - he had to realize that authority comes from the Lord and when he disobey or doesn't show honor than it affects more than just his honor but also the Lords.

My child situation differs from yours b/c mine was more about an obedience issue but the chocolate is still the same. Many blessings to you and your precious family!

the voice of melody said...

We've all been there, questioning our decisions along the way. I'm sorry she has these headaches, but hopefully they will soon be a thing of the past. And, the chocolate... well, enjoy every bit of it!

Erica said...

You are so precious! It is hard sometimes to make that right call.
I will share my "mom of the year" moment tomorrow on my blog, but suffice it to say...frustrated with Brooke's whining, really frustrated, then spending a night up with her throwing up 25 times!
I had my chocolate in the form of my grandmother's chocolate pie, and girl was it delicious!

Debra said...


Oh my sweet sister, if only we learned not to beat ourselves up when we didn't know the fine line between gently guiding our children when we feel led by the still small majestic whisper of wisdom of the Lord and then the screams of heaping doses of guilt from the enemy!!

It's just so hard, isn't it my friend!! We are all with you on this one and stand next to you saying "we would have done the same thing" and hurt just as badly and dove right into the chocolate and beat ourselves up and then cried out to God for wisdom and understanding and then been refreshed when he sent those sisters alongside of us to soothe us with words of understanding and compassion for we have been there and done that and worn the t-shirts.

You have a Lord who loves you...and sisters who are praying for you and chocolate for the times in between!

Hugs ... great big ones to you today. I've missed you. And thank you, for your kind words of love and encouragement for me while I was away.

Gina said...

I have had those "mom" moments many times. With my daughter it was when I said NO when her friend's mom's were saying YES. I was so not the 'cool mom'...but 3 or 4 years later, I got a heart-felt Thank You from my beautiful daughter for being there and saying NO. And you know what she said? 'I knew at the time that you were right...but I just didn't want to admit it to you!' And I'm sure its the same with your daughter...she may seem angry with you, but she knew it was best for her to stay! Thank you so much for the encouragement I get from reading your blog!

Alexis said...

Ugh, I just did that this morning. Sent my daughter off to school feeling miserable, and I am feeling like such a bad mom about it. In a way, you encouraged me just at the right time :)