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We Went to New York, Ya'll!

My sister-in-law celebrated a pretty big birthday....the big 4-0 and she wanted to ring in the new decade in NYC style.  Three couples put our schedules together, carefully selected the date, and then counted the days.  New York City, here we come!

"Past the Sea of twirly, swirly gum drops and then I walked through the Lincoln Tunnel" Name that movie!!!  (If you guessed Elf, you are correct-love that movie!).

We didn't walk through the Lincoln Tunnel, that would be a bit scary, we took a taxi cab/van.  It was a little bit unnerving to think we were under the Hudson River but cool at the same time. We were here!

At last, we arrived at the Marriot Marquee! And this was our view from our suite (Mr. Incredible surprised me with a suite-so sweet!). Times Square!

We enjoyed a wonderful dinner at the beautiful View, the only revolving restaurant with 360 degree views.  I chose a Truffled Mushroom Bisque (so good) and my brother-in-law watched every bite that I took...he may have even drooled a bit. Ha! So, I let him finish it. The bisque was delicious but super rich and I knew I still had two more courses to go.  I can't remember the other two courses, I just remembered being so full and so ready to step foot on Times Square.

There were people everywhere.  Our trip was in early October and it was still packed with people!

Only a few minutes after our meal, the guys spotted a food cart.  That's my man on the left. 

My brother-in-law- who must have a bottomless stomach or a hollow leg, as my husband says, purchased some sort of meat on a stick...and ate the whole thing.  How on earth?!

While we checked out Times Square, I noticed several characters in costume. I learned quickly, from observing, that they would pose for you but only if you gave them a little donation.  Um, no thank you. I had shopping to do, so I snapped some images without them even knowing.  I'm good like that.  Ha!

We even saw a Ghost Buster...ha! 

We made our way to the giant red steps. That's my sister in law, the birthday girl above and noticed that we made the jumbo screen Dunk Tank.  Can you see us??? You may have to click on the image.  There are 4 arrows....I am the one with the camera in her face. 

We felt totally safe the entire time we were there.  The NYPD is every where.  I kept looking for Tom Selleck and Donnie Wahlberg and the rest of the Blue Blood cast, but to no avail. We did see a guy get arrested though. 

And that wraps up day 1 of our NYC adventure. 

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