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NBC-Was Fun For Me

I know, I know lame title. That's all that I could think of. Ha!

We got off the bus and found the NBC store and Rockefeller Plaza.  Since Christina, CeeLo, Blake, and Adam were out, we took a spin in their chairs...because we are cool like that!

My sister-in-law took these for us.  We giggled at Mr. Incredible.

And Matt Lauer was kind enough to pose with my sister-in-law.  Ha!

We had enough time to get back to the Marriott, take a 30 minute siesta (we were up a the crack of dawn because I can't sleep in when I'm on vacation for fear that I will miss something. It's a sickness, I know), and freshened up a bit.

We waded through a crowd of well to do New Yorkers and made our reservation on time at Sardi's restaurant....note to self, don't ever get the stuffed chicken there again, and then made our way to our first Broadway show.

The birthday girl picked Mary Poppins...so off we went!

The theater was beautiful and the show was fantastic. My brother-in-law just might have taken a good nap, I'm just saying.

Our waiter at the View, the night before, gave us a wonderful piece of wisdom. He explained that if we wanted to see the Empire State Building, it would be best to wait until around 10:00 P.M.  And he was right.  We didn't wait in a single line!

Not wanting to walk thirty million blocks, we thought it would be fun to take three pedi-cabs.  Looks innocent right?  We now refer to our ride as the ride of terror.  A pregnant woman, not anyone in our group, stepped out into the street in front of us, our "driver" swerved to miss her and then we were nearly run over by a taxi cab driver.  Oh my!

Thankfully, we made it.  Mr. Incredible sprung for the extra Empire State Building upper floor tickets. The view was amazing.  We could see for miles!

On the first deck, we were frozen.  It was cold and the wind was really blowing.  Despite the huge winds and it being so dark, I was able to get a group image:

and then I handed my camera to my sister-in-law, and this is what she captured.  Lovely!


It makes me giggle every time that I see it.  Can you tell it was windy and we were frozen??? Me too!

And no, did not take a pedi-cab ride/ride of terror back to the hotel.  Ha!

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Kim @ Homesteader's Heart said...

How fun! I totally admire those beautiful lights but secretly I'd probably be in panic mode the whole time I was there. LOL!
And yes, you looked VERY cold in the last pic.
I would LOVE to see Mary Poppins. The theater looks beautiful.
Glad you had a great time and made some memories! Even the terrifying ones. Hee! Hee!