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NYC Adventure Day 2

We woke up bright and early and ready to see New York City in the daylight. I cannot believe we were hungry, but we were. We followed the scent of delicious bagels around the corner.

The waiter took us upstairs where the men in our group feasted on platters of locks and bagels. Um, fish in the morning just isn't my cup of tea, so I ordered a cup of coffee and a southwestern omelet instead. Here is my man strategically placing capers on his cream cheese bagel right before adding the locks:

There were not a lot of people out this morning.  In fact, there were more people out and about at three in the morning than there were at ten.  I know because I was looked out our window around that time just to see if anyone was out.  There were people everywhere.  Wow! Those people must have been sleeping because it wasn't overly crowded after breakfast.

While we waited for the tour bus to pick us up, we found our way to Hershey's.  Yum! The smell was incredible. They pass out samples at the door....I like this store!  My sister in law found a chocolate bar that is Emma-sized.  Emma is one of the cousins who adores anything chocolate.  She is a kindergartner this year. She would have loved this store!

On the bus tour, we saw a lot of buildings and then rounded the corner to see the Empire State building in the distance. 

This next image is iconic New York with all of the taxis:

If you are ever in NYC, the taxis are okay, the drivers can be a bit rude, but download the Uber app and you will have drivers close by whenever you need one.  One of the drivers had just dropped off Alex Rodriguez, the baseball player, before picking us up. That's pretty cool!

One of the neat things I noticed on the bus tour of the city, is there are churches amid the sea of buildings.  Beautiful churches with much history.

We were all getting a bit cool being on top of the tour buses so we decided to hop off and see if we could find gloves and hats for the men in our group and a scarf for the ladies.  I liked the displays.

Shane found a hat and was even willing to model it for me.

After having lunch at Bobby Flay's Mesa Grill, deliciousness, We found another blue tour bus and hopped on. 

Have you read the Harbinger book yet?  If you have, you will recognize this church pictured below.  The new Freedom Tower is going up next to it.

We saw a lot of people and sites on the bus tour.  But, this one was funny to all of us:

How would you park your car there? About this time, Mr. Incredible and I kept seeing our brother-in-law pop out of his chair.  Every time he would stand up, he threw his ear buds in his chair and my radio connection would change channels.  On this tour bus, a lady would talk into a microphone and we could hear here through the on board station if we had our ear buds plugged into it. 

This happened several times, before he stood up, grabbed his ears and launched his ear buds.  I am laughing as I'm typing, and probably not doing the story justice.  Long story short, his radio channel/ear buds would short out and send him a pretty good shock which caused our channels to change. It was hilarious.  And he tells the story way better than I do.

I'll close for today, I loved seeing all of the American flags proudly displayed across the city!

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