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NYC Part Three

You would think that after getting in so late after our Empire State Building adventure, that we would be sleeping in. But, no! I really don't want to miss anything when we are on a trip, so I was up early. I was nearly dressed for the day when Mr. Incredible woke up. I was nearly out the door to shop at Forever 21 just across the street, but he caught me.

He smiled, and told me to give him a few minutes and jumped in the shower. It didn't take long and we were on our way to shopping for our girls. Hardly anyone was there. They must have all been happily sleeping. Mr. Incredible went will me to all 5 floors. We found a few things for our girls just before the rest of the group called.
We did a little group shopping at the Cake Boss shop and ate a cannoli for Hannah.  We tried to ship them home to her, but since they are perishable it would never have worked.  Sigh! 

 And then it was time to catch a car and head for lunch at Katz Deli. Yum!

It felt totally New York. I really enjoyed Katz's Deli!

And I thought this guy looked like a New Yorker so I snapped his picture.

While we waited for our order, the waiter brought us pickles. Yum! My mouth is watering as I type. 

Most of us ordered Reuben Sandwiches....just look at all of the meat!  We really should have shared one.  It was way too much for me....and now I want a Reuben Sandwich.  So good!

There was a self serve water station.  It reminded me of Happy Days  so I had to try it out.  I thought it was pretty cool.

After lunch, we made our way to a tour bus stop. On the way, we passed several flower vendors.  I thought they were beautiful. 

After the bus tour, I found a Mac store and tried some new eye shadow.  I smile every time I use that eye shadow.  On our walk back to the hotel, we saw the Naked Cowboy.  Hannah told me that if I saw him on Times Square that she wanted a picture.  I didn't have the nerve to pose with him...this was as close as I got.  Ha!

I crashed for an hour before we changed clothes and headed to dinner. Italianissimos was one of our favorite places to eat! They treated us like we were family! Everything, absolutely everything on the menu was amazing!

 But my dessert was the BEST! I could have bathed in it, but that could have been embarrassing...seriously though, it was that good!  I have no idea what it was called, but if we ever get to go back, I'll just bring this picture. Oh my!

And then I just might have smoked a cigar like a boss....or not?!  When in New York...

While we waited for the car, I looked across the street.  Doesn't it look like the Huxtable house from the Cosby Show?!  Claire and Heathecliff sadly were not home though.

We did a bit more souvenir shopping for our girls and then headed back to the hotel.


Kim @ Homesteader's Heart said...

Fun! Fun! Fun! You make me want to go now. But I'd want to go with someone who's gone and knows how to do it right.

Photography Blog - Archived said...

Love your ability to tell a story! Such an interesting blog. :)