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The 'H" Wedding

Happy Almost One Week Anniversary Mr. and Mrs. H! Thank you for the blessing of photographing your Wedding Day! Several months ago, groom's sweet mom called me to tell me that her son was getting married and that she was surprising them by getting everything ready for her son and his bride!  What a gift!

The day was carefully marked on my calendar...and then the groom became ill, had to be hospitalized, and the wedding was postponed...and then he was released and back on schedule.  His mother didn't miss a step or seem stressed in the least.

My sweet Rachel joined me as my backup photographer...delight!  What a special treat to be with my daughter and spend time with this family on their special wedding day.

This is how I found the groom.  He was playing with his adorable nephew and not the least bit nervous about the wedding which would begin in minutes.  Precious image:

While the bride was getting dressed, Rachel and I headed to the Fellowship Hall to see check out the cakes.  Ms. Faye did a beautiful job! The cakes were gorgeous and delicious too.  They sent cake home with us after the wedding. Yes!

The Groom's cake was every bit as delicious as the Bride's cake.  Oh, there is just something about chocolate and chocolate covered strawberries!

We found the Bride dressed in her wedding gown. When I captured this image of the Bride with her future-mother-in-love, she had yet to see herself in her gown. 

The gown was beautiful.  I loved the back!  The Bride loved her dress and she looked beautiful in it.  How generous and thoughtful of her mother-in-law to carefully select her gown and surprise her with it!

This is the groom's beautiful sister and her adorable son, the ring bearer.  He is going to be a big brother soon!

It was a sweet, sweet ceremony and the adorable little ring bearer tried so hard to make it all the way through the ceremony.  After his mommy sang, he put his little hands together and clapped.  Be still my heart!

She did it! It was a beautiful ceremony with every detail carefully planned with love for her son and his bride. 

I have a brother of my own, so this image makes me giggle.  Apparently, the Groom really didn't want a kiss from his sister, but she wasn't taking no for an answer.  Ha!

The Bride and her mother-in-love. 

Beautiful family of three...but soon to be four!

After the family photos, it was time for cake!  The smiles on their faces makes me smile! 

What a tender moment between these two. Love it!

And these two as well!  She is like a second grandmother to her.  She sweetly shared some of their story with me and I could have been a puddle on the floor.  Their shared love for each other bubbles over to everyone around them!

Sweet "H" family, thank you for the blessing of capturing your special day.  Many more images to follow in your Wedding Album and slide show soon. 

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