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A Quick And Refreshing Dessert

It is H-O-T in our part of Texas! Hottest summer on record. You can fry an egg on the concrete in less than 15 seconds, not that I've ever tried that before or anything...well, okay, that was my 8th grade Science Fair project many years ago. What a mess!

Anyway, if you are looking for a fun and easy summer dessert, try this one. Except don't ask your daughters to do it because you might just receive a phone call while you are with your husband at a company party from a frantic daughter telling you, "Momma! There is black smoke coming out of the oven and we had to open the doors because it smells like smoke. What do we do?"

Yes, really this happened. I've been a momma now for 18 years, so I calmly listened to my frantic child...and then I laughed out loud. Yes, yes I did! I think I asked her if they were okay and did they turn the oven off? Which ticked her off! She replied, "Yes! We turned the oven off, but now the dessert is ruined and your oven is a mess. And Rachel won't stop laughing!"

Apparently, they had used both rolls of sugar cookie dough (older sister thought she knew best) for the crust instead of one and Mt. Vesuvius exploded in my oven. Happy, happy, joy, joy, joy! I don't like to clean my oven. Who likes to clean their oven and when can you come over?!

After I quit giggling, I calmly replied that everything would be fine, just turn off the oven, take out the pan, and we would be home later. Hannah's sweet voice replied, "But, what about the dessert?" Ha!

Needless to say, my man and I stopped at the HEB on the way home to pick up some more cookie dough. When we got home, the house did smell like a burning inferno of burnt cookie dough~delightful smell! Oiy!

But, we managed to clean it up (Hannah had most of it already cleaned up before we got home-love her!) and start again. Wouldn't you like the easy recipe? Ha!

All you need is ONE roll of sugar cookie dough (you could make it yourself, you know, if you are Martha Stewart or something).
One block of cream cheese at room temp.
1/2 C sugar
Fruit (we used fresh strawberries sliced and sprinkled with a little Splenda and blueberries)

Carefully roll out your cookie dough into a pizza circle and bake at 350 for about 12 minutes. After the cookie cools, mix together your cream cheese with sugar and add a dash of vanilla (or almond extract-I was out of vanilla), and cream. Layer the frosting on top of the cookie and then arrange your fruit. Chill it and serve! Delicious!


The Real Me! said...

That sounds yummy. I bet apples and walnuts drizzled with a little caramel would taste good on there. YUM!
Have a great day my friend.

bp said...

So pretty and I bet it's yummy! Something similar was on my calendar this month from Pillsbury.

Lea said...

Fruit pizza is one of my most favorites in the whole big wide world. In fact, I think I'll make one for our next Sisterchick's bible study!
I've heard yall are getting horrible heat. It's been hotter than blazes here too. Thanks for inspiring me to whip up a fruit pizza soon. I like kiwi and strawberries on mine. The kiwis look like pepperonis sorta. haha
It was nice stoppin by your corner today. Life gets so busy anymore that it's hard to do a whole lot of bloghopping. Say hello to the fam from Arkansas! Holykisses xoxo