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Been at the Fuge

After enjoying all the wedding festivities of the weekend, it was time to make the five hour drive home, unpack, do some laundry, re-pack (is that a word?), and make our way to the church by 7:00 AM....less than twelve hours after getting home.  Whew!

We drove straight to beautiful Glorietta, New Mexico (took us ten hours to drive there).  Where cooler temperatures, gorgeous mountain ranges, green grass, and a week emerged in God's Word and tons of fun awaited. 

Naturally, I took my camera along for the journey.  On the third day of camp, we had an extra long free time; our group drove into Santa Fe for some putt-putt and authentic Mexican food:

We normally go to Student Life Camps, so this was our first experience with Centrifuge...or Fuge as they now call it.  If you've been, you have taken part in the Mega Relay.  Crazy fun!

And there are afternoon fun tracks that the youth sign up to do.  Hannah liked basketball, hiking, and stackers:
Rachel and her boyfriend Caleb enjoyed hiking and learning how to paddle boat.  The best part was learning to canoe!  Rachel has always adored anything Pocahontas.  You can see Poco and John Smith getting the hang of canoing.  They paddled over to me singing, "Just Around the River Bend."

Hannah found four other girls who were willing to play in the Basketball 3 on 3 tourney.  They were the only all girl team.  They won the first round!!!  But, got beat in the second round.  They were fun to watch.  The guys didn't know what to do.  Hannah said, one of the guys bumped into her just a little bit and quickly apologized.  I think she laughed and said, "Don't be sorry!" as she dribbled the ball around him and scored.  Ha!  She doesn't look very happy in this picture, but I wanted to post it to remember the day anyway.  She was tired from playing two very high energy games, and she doesn't like to lose.  Wonder where she gets that?  Ha!
Our youth made several decisions for the Lord this week; I was thankful to get to be there with all of them and to see all that God had in store for them.

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12-arrows said...

my kids have been to both camps and enjoyed them as well! I feel for your girl, I'm very competitive, so I know how tough it is too loose. I constantly have to tell myself that I need to be a graceful looser and that there is learning in loosing, but winning is so sweet :)

As always I LOVE all your pics, took me a bit to get "caught-up" on all your busyness!