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Her Home Away from Home

Pardon me while I sob a little....after typing that title. Oiy to the vay! Where is the summer going? And why does it feel the need to go by so quickly???

We've been getting our Rachel ready for her "Home Away from Home." Can you believe it? There is so much to do. Thankfully, she was blessed with a lot of gift cards for graduation. They have really come in handy. I had forgotten how many things a girl needs when she is going off to college. I think adding her mother would be the perfect accessory, don't you? Okay, okay, not really...but a mother can dream.

This is our first stop down the dorm/home away from home check list:

It's all about the bedding...a girl has to have a cute room. I was worried that if we waited any longer, Rachel wouldn't have as many choices. I saw this comforter set online and instantly thought of Rachel  who loved it too...and our local Bed, Bath, and Beyond (what is beyond anyway???) store had it. Delight!

She texted her roommate after her purchase to find that her roommate had bought a similar black and white comforter set too. Yippee!

So I need to know:  What was the one thing you couldn't live without in your dorm?  I don't want to foget a single thing....but I think I can definitely leave off the mega-popcorn air popper like I had back in the dark ages when I was at Baylor...apparently they now come in simple-easy-to-use-don't-have-to-burn-yourself-with-hot-popcorn-oil-and-metal-parts-microwave bags~how boring!


12-arrows said...

I haven't sent any girls off to college, yet, but I've sent many manboys! they all requested microwaves (popcorn)and mini-friges (water/juices). I will have to make a mental list of all the items your sweet girlie will be taking for my girl! enjoy every moment shopping, its a memory you will treasure!!!!

BARBIE said...

I never lived in a dorm and my daughter has gone to community college near home. I have no clue what they would request in their rooms!

bp said...

I've been thinking of you guys as I see all the college sales in the stores! And we passed through your town on our trip to Colorado.

The first thing that came to mind was the little plastic shower caddy I had to carry with me to the bathroom. We had to go down the hall to shower. Another thing would be a bulletin board for pictures and cards from home. I agree on the microwave and fridge.

bp said...

Oh maybe it wasn't your city we went through! It was another that sounded like it! lol