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Hello New Coffee Lover!

Ya'll know that I adore strong Starbucks coffee...right?  Love it!  The stronger the better.  In the hot, Texas summers like we are experiencing now...I think we have broken the record for the longest number of 100 degree + days....I don't like to drink hot coffee in the morning.

So, I normally just skip it. It's too hot, ya'll.  When I am out running errands, like to the grocery store (I think I just heard Mr. Incredible chuckle-shame on him!) I normally stop and treat myself to a little frappucino from Starbucks...delicious and refreshing! Yes, me and Starbucks had quite a thing going for a while....

 that is until I saw this recipe on Pioneer Woman's blog.  Goodbye Starbucks!!!  Hello new fave!

 Oh my goodness!!!! It's one of my most favorite things about going to bed at night now....'cause I know I have a cup of PW's Iced Coffee waiting for me in the morning.

And girl!  This stuff will kick start your morning. 
Before you know it, you will have done 5 loads of laundry, washed the dog, vacuumed the car, replied to emails, edited 100's of photos and so much more....and all of that before lunch time. It is g-o-o-d stuff I tell you!!!!  (above cowgirl image courtesy of PW's blog~although she doesn't know me and has no clue about my little corner of the world). 

What are you waiting for???  Go! Grab the recipe!  Cold brew it tonight and be ready for an amazing coffee experience in the morning.  You can thank me later....really you should thank PW....thank you Pioneer Woman!!!!!

P.S. Don't throw away those used coffee grinds (dregs?).  You can put them in your garden and even make a facial with them.  Who knew?! 


The Real Me! said...

LOL! Isn't that stuff just the best. I think it's BETTER than Starbucks. Not to mention a whole lot cheaper. I'm actually almost out because I've been sharing with everyone. Ha! Ha! Going to have to go get me some ground coffee and cold brew some more. YUM!

RockerWife said...

So are you selling those in manly colors, cause I'd have to get one for my hubby. He has kicked the SB habit and only drinks PW's iced coffee now! :)

Patti said...

So I made this last night - - - - -
let's just say this girl is VERY happy this morning!
I even blogged about it & sent my readers back to your post to get the poop scoop & the link back to PW's blog........

Arifur said...

For coffee Lovers new articles here