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Chi-less or The Hair-a-chi of it all!

Excuse me for a moment...while I cry!
This little bit of beauty goodness has been my bff hair tool for the past 4 years.
As of yesterday...dead to me!

Yesterday was my 6 week hair appointment. I so look forward to my visits. The ladies are fun, they put foil in my hair and I get great reception on my I-pod, I love the smells of different hair products all around. We laugh and visit. It's fun! Until yesterday!!!!!!!

I have been going to the same stylist for the last I dunno, 11 years. Yesterday she says, "Sweetie, I don't know how to tell you this...but...um...please don't hate me (that's not possible)....but your hair is starting to fall out...and it is breaking all over."

What? Am I dreaming? Stylist said what?
Then she proceeds to ask me if I have ever thought of using Murad.

As I am fighting back major tears, she asks me if I have any stress in my life. I'm chuckling now as I type. Uh, YES, I do! And up until a few seconds ago I thought that I was handling it pretty well. Who knew?

My hair is in such bad shape, they couldn't put me under the dryer. It had to air dry. Hmmm. She told me that hormones play a big role in the life of your hair too and that I should probably check it out with my doctor.

I cried all the way to class. I called Mr. Incredible and he....laughed! He thought that I was joking about my hair loss. What woman jokes about that?!
I sought comfort in talking to the Lord and a Grande Cappuccino from Starbucks. I shared a cup with my mom and felt a little better. My Dad told me to get over it and just call the doctor and then go home and read Ecclesiastes. (He meant that in the most loving way and it's not the first time I have heard this advice).

Great! I avoided my last appointment because of the dreaded scales. Yes, I know that I am being very shallow right now, I'm not proud about it at all.
Anyway, my ob/gyn (sorry to any men that might be reading this) has this gestapo-like nurse that weighs you in and takes your vitals, etc. I think the highlight of her day is lecturing women on their weight. If she would only write down that my height is not 5'9" but rather 7'2" then we wouldn't have to discuss my BMI every time I visit! But no, Nurse Ratchet doesn't think that is very funny. I'd like to weigh her the next time I visit!

Anyway, I swallowed my pride and called his office to schedule an appointment. Good news! My next appointment is on...get this...Friday the 13th (of February)! I am not kidding.
After I told them about my hair loss and a little swollen lymph node issue, they are getting me in in just 2 weeks. Joy! At least I will be weighing in before Thanksgiving and not after. Nothing says Happy Thanksgiving like an exam. Does it?

Back to my hair stylist, we determined that I am clearly addicted to using my Chi. As of today, I am Chi-less. I have to put it away for a while. She cut off 4 inches of my hair, in order to make it more healthy. I wasn't prepared for any of this. I know it is only my hair...but it's my hair people! Surely someone can relate to my vanity issue.
I get to use these new products made out of pure gold and diamonds, they are a bit pricey, in order to revitalize my dry, aging hair.

And since I'm Chi-less, I get to try to figure out how to use this:

The name cracks me up! I don't want to look like I've just rolled out of bed or that I can't figure out how to use a curling iron after so many years without one. But, it is a pretty pink shade don't you think?

Monday is my birthday. I'm not feeling the love.

I was feeling a bit self conscious and a little on the weepy side so I asked Mr. Incredible what he thought about my new hair style.

Honestly? He said. It makes you look old! (I wish that I were kidding!)

What???? Say that to my face!

At this moment I think I am having a nightmare so I pinch myself. No such luck!

Don't worry, he continued, it will grow back! This day just keeps getting better.

He has never said anything so stupid, I mean so unemotionally honest, before. This happened right before bed last night. Girlfriend didn't sleep very well. Would you?

So, first thing this morning I hopped in my suburban and headed for Target to buy these:

Yes, I know it is vanity!

But, when your husband says you look old, it kind of messes with your psyche!

I know that I am going on and on in this very random, vanity filled post. If you are still with me I'll wrap it up. If you need me, I'll be in my bathroom trying to figure out how to use a curling iron again and how to make myself look younger. If you have any good advice, I'd love to hear it! Just don't tell me that I look old because I may have to beat you with my Chi! Oiy!


HEATHER said...

Oh Kristi,
I'm so sorry about your hair but I can completely relate to your post. You know what I think your beautiful I also think you are aging gracefully. Your not crazy either there's nothing wrong with being vain you just like looking fabulous all the time.
Try to have a GREAT weekend!!!
Love in Christ,
Heather A.

Kim @ Homesteader's Heart said...

Well where's the new do? This story cracked me up. I feel like I'm leaving more hair in my brush then in my head so I'm getting blood work done next week. I HATE getting old. Yuck.I'm sure I"ll have a post similar to that one soon lol.
Hugs my friend.

Karen M said...

I'm so sorry you had such a bad day. When it rains it pours!!!

You are really not old at all, you are a college girl!!!

Don't let anyone make you feel old. My mother-in-law is 83 and talks about helping the "old" ladies at her church. I just love it! She doesn't believe she is old.

Karen M said...


In response to my new look--

I chose a blogspot template of minima lefty stretch and then chose a back ground solid color and a photo I had taken for the header. From there I've been playing with font colors and sizes. May make a few more minor changes there.

Lana said...

When I read your post, I thought your not OLD! In fact, the picture of you "hunting" made me jealous.

I saw it and saw LIFE and JOY! (Maybe it was from finding a great deal ;)

Someone once suggested adding more olive oil to your diet might help. But, for all I know it could be from the olive oil companies. Wish I had a magical answer for ya'.

Many Blessings!

Anonymous said...

I'd give you a big hug right now if I could, Kristi. Sounds like you need one.

Now, get yourself to that doctor and get the swollen lymph node checked out and see what's up with the hair loss. Tell the mean nurse you're not there to talk to her -- but to the doctor and just skip the scale if it makes you feel better.

Natalie said...

That is a sad day when a Chi leaves this world. Those are WONDERFUL!! Here's some advice...CHRISTMAS GIFT! :)

Erica said...

Girl, I think you are BEAUTIFUL. It is really interesting that you wrote about how stress and hair loss are related. I was just preparing my bible study for Wed. night and wrote that our physcial lives can often be related to our emotional health...interesting.
Well, we are going to have to see a pick of the new do! Ponytails always make you look young...just a thought.

Devon said...

when i was 22... i used a flat iron and it totally fried my beautiful hair... i can feel your pain... it is definitely not fun. but, there is hope... and i go more for the "natural" look... which is mostly just waves. is that bed head curling iron supposed to be easier on your hair? i wouldn't imagine a curling iron would be much better than a flat iron??

Tracy said...

You poor girl! Man, what a rough few days. Let me just tell you...I think you are beautiful and aging incredibly well! (You put me to shame!) I used to say, "I don't get this whole fight-off-aging thing." As I was approaching 40, and began realizing how much of me was changing (long before I was ready for it to!), I suddenly cared a lot more about looking young!

Glad you're able to get in sooner with your doctor to get this checked out.

(I think I'd be adding a new Chi to my Christmas list!)

Leaon Mary said...

Oh Kristi,... I'm sorry about your hair. But honestly... YOU LOOK REALLY YOUNG!! Remember when I told you once you look like the girls' SISTER instead of Mother; I MEANT THAT!
I don't know what's happened but this past year, I've aged alot! These CRATER wrinkles sprung up around my eyes. There IS NOT enough HOPE IN A JAR to fill THEM CRACKS. -- OIL OF "OLD AGE".. does nothin either. Egads
I'm anxious to see your SASSY NEW DOO!

Michele Williams said...

I certainly can relate...


I didn't have an email address to send you a card!


Karen M said...

Happy Birthday, Kristi!!

Unknown said...

Sorry about your hair. I know I would still be stressing about it the whole time until my appointment. Just another thing for us women to worry about.
BTW...I asked for a Chi for Christmas.