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Operation Thanksgiving Surprise!

Happy Thanksgiving! I have to share this with you before I burst!
Mr. Incredible comes from a large extended family. My family is much smaller.
We alternate spending Thanksgiving between our families. This year we will celebrate with probably 50 family members at my mother-in-law's house.

While we always have a wonderful time, my heart aches for my family. My brother lives 400 miles away and with his work schedule, can only come at Christmas time. When we are with Mr. Incredible's family, my parents are alone. This makes my heart ache; it always has.

When I was talking to the Lord about it, He gave me the most wonderful idea! It was as if I heard Him say, "Sweet child, why not celebrate with your mom and dad the night before Thanksgiving then they can enjoy the left overs on Thanksgiving."

I was so excited. My sweet mom would never have agreed to this because she would want to make dinner and just have me help, but I knew that she was too busy and besides I wanted to surprise them with dinner. I shared the plan with my family and they were just as excited as I was. "Operation Thanksgiving Surprise" was quickly put into action. The only trouble was...I've never made a turkey...or dressing...or pecan pie, oh no!

Then I remembered this incredible lady named Ree...I think most everyone has heard of Pioneer Woman...and all of her wonderful Thanksgiving recipes. Using Pioneer Woman's recipes I made: turkey, dressing, sweet potato casserole, pecan pie, and gravy.

I also made Rachel's favorite "Do Ahead Potatoes," a refreshing Cranberry Salad, Hannah's favorite Pineapple Pretzel salad, rolls, devilled eggs (let's call them Angel eggs), and purchased a Cheesecake Factory Pumpkin Cheesecake.

We could hardly wait for Granny and Grandpa to come over for dinner!
Look at my very first turkey:
It was incredibly moist and so pretty too!
And here is the dining room table:
We ate dinner on my Granny's china. She would have loved this.

My parents were so surprised. It was an absolute joy to bless two of my most incredible blessings. There were three generations sitting around my dining room table enjoying sweet fellowship and a wonderful meal together. (I wish that we had taken a family picture!)
I was so worried that it wouldn't taste like I imagined it all would taste. But, it was way better...thank you Father!

I have tears streaming down my face. Life is just too short to take for granted. I am so thankful for my family and for a loving Heavenly Father who knew this child just couldn't stand the thought of not spending time giving thanks with her parents this year.

It was His Operation Thanksgiving Surprise from the beginning and I am so very thankful! What an awesome God is He!!!!

With a Thankful Heart,


Homesteader in Training said...

By the looks of your table, I'd say it was more like Christmas dinner lol. This whole Thanksgiving being a week later is throwing off my Christmas schedule lol. Oh well. After we eat I'm whipping out the Christmas stuff and putting away the Fall.Have a great Thanksgiving and I bet your parents were thrilled.

ilovemy5kids said...

What a total blessing! Thanksgiving in our family is better than Christmas: what a precious memory!

Erica said...

What a special treat for your parents! You have such a precious family. I love your new look as well! Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Tracy said...

What an absolutely beautiful idea! Ever since we started hosting for my hubby's family (10 years ago), we've missed Thanksgiving with mine. We so love hosting, but I really miss being with my family too. Just yesterday, my sister and I were trying to think of a way we could do both...I love what you did. What a sweet blessing for your parents.

Your turkey is a work of art! You certainly whipped out quite an impressive feast! = )

So glad it was a great time!


P.S. Your new Christmas look is beautiful!!!