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Run Bambi Run!

I thought I would share a few pictures with you from our Hunting Weekend.
Yes, it's that time of year again.
Two out of our four really enjoy this time of year.
Here are 2 mighty hunters:

Hannah was so excited to go with daddy, Uncle G, and cousin A.
She was thrilled to be able to shoot her first buck ever.
It was an 8 point and it is bigger than the one her daddy had mounted several years ago.

They had a fantastic time. Her daddy was beside himself.
He was so excited and so proud. They brought back nearly 50 pictures of the adventure. And it really is a beautiful deer. We should have lots of deer meat in the next few days.
Anyone know of any good recipe? I hope that it tastes like chicken, but then I already know that it doesn't.
I have come a long way. I use to threaten to hang jewelry and bows from any deer head that entered our home. And now....my baby likes it as much as her daddy. Oh, the love of a mom! She is picking out her spot in the house to display the soon to be mounted deer. She can't decide between the family room, where daddy's is, or her room. Her room??? I have never seen that look in Pottery Barn for Teens. Have you?

Here is a picture of the other 2 hunters in the family:

No guns required! We had fun "hunting" bargains too. Have a great weekend!




Homesteader in Training said...

Oh to funny. That is awesome that your daughter is into it. She'll definitely be marrying a man's man when she gets older lol. No sissy's for her lol. I love the pictures. I'm more for your hunting style. I'll eat deer but don't make me shoot one or get it ready lol. I have a picture of me as a baby in my baby seat with a dead deer hanging over my head. Someone saw that as a kodak moment lol.
Hugs my friend.

Anonymous said...

I think I prefer the kind of hunting you and your eldest did over the Bambi killing escapades...

Amydeanne said...

You can go hunting with me any day!! I"m a bargian hunter too!

lol deer meat.. love it.. usually a nice spicey mustard with it after it's been smoked is great! :)

Shabby Olde Potting Shed said...

Go Hannah!
Nothin like showin the boy's how it's done!
I always thought it would be fun to decorate a buck. Ya know, twinkle lights, party hat... - but the venison recipes..? Everyone tells me I must not cook it right.. ya gotta soak it in milk or beer or whatever. But nothin I've ever done has taken that wild twang out? I must be doin something wrong!
CONGRATS to Hannah!!!

Karen M said...

Congrats to Hannah! And to the bargain hunters. I'm more of a bargain hunter. My son enjoys hunting and my brother is really, really into it.

Melanie said...

So glad they had fun hunting. However, I think my type of hunting is more like what you like to do, Kristi. A little bargain hunting!

Have a great weekend!

ilovemy5kids said...

It's that time in our home as well. :)

I make Bell Pepper Steak in the crockpot with my deer. I soak it in buttermilk in the fridge to make sure the "wild" taste is gone.

It is soooo good and tender. The kids love it.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog a cup of coffee and Him and leaving a comment!

Your site is wonderful and I have a dog named Baylor but went to Indiana University and now Ball State University to finish my nurse practitioner. (I live in Indiana:)).

Our dog was named Baylor as I read a wonderful quote right before we brought him home by a Baylor basketball coach. He was a Christian and I said well why not just name our new puppy that so five years later here is my Baylor bear:)


Michele Williams said...

I love your kind of hunting too!

BP said...

I love your hunting pictures! I'm glad you and your other daughter can do some hunting of your own. :)

Heather said...

You go Hannah, how exciting that must have been for her. Deer meat is fantastic I will tell you it doesn't taste like chicken. I would rather at deer then beef. Have a Great weekend.
Heather A.

Jen said...

How great that your daughter can spend that time with her Dad. I use to go fishing with my Dad. It was some of my greatest childhood memories.

Mrs. Trixi said...

I read your post above about your hair and am so sorry. I too, did not know that this could happen.

As for your daughter's deer, congratulations. My 2 girls, son, and husband are all avid hunters. My honey has to alternate who to take.

The way we cook the deer is my husband cuts it up into 1 inch thick little medallions. We then soak it overnight in salt water. The next morning we wash the salt off really good. This takes the "wild" taste out. Then I marinade it all day in soy sauce and olive or veg. oil. We usually grill ours for dinner. I also fry it on occasion. I hope you find the salt bath to be of help. I think it makes it tolerable.