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A Tiny Tree Makeover

Hi Ya'll! I can't believe I haven't blogged in a week. Yikes!
I've been a bit busier than normal, and that is saying a lot.

We partied all week. My birthday, Mr. Incredible's Father's birthday, and Mr. Incredible's birthday... all in one week and it was a blast!

Rachel's basketball season began last week too. I just love watching my girls play ball! Hannah's season starts after Christmas.

I didn't have time to decorate on my birthday and that really got on my nerves. No time to decorate? The horror! Oh, I kid. After Rachel's game this weekend, Mr. Incredible hauled all of the stuff down from the attic. I have been forever banned. (I'll tell you this story another day.)He never looked hotter! I was so ready to get my house ready for Christmas that I could hardly stand it and he noticed!

I normally decorate the house (I save our family tree decorating for when we are all together) when my family is at work and school so as to protect them from my madness. I also like the fairy tale-like transformation that they see when the come home. That just didn't happen this year and you know what? I like it this way much better. It was fun to decorate the house with my girls while my man watched football. We had stuff everywhere and that is okay.
I am saving most of my pictures for Boo Mama's Christmas tour of homes on December 15th but I just had to share this project with you.

(I must confess, I really should be writing 3 of my last papers of the semester but I am taking a creative break and sharing it with you.)

I made this tree probably 9 years ago. I use to decorate my house in country blues and this tree looked so cute in my kitchen. We have been in our new home for almost 8 years now and I have never used this tree. It just didn't have the same look in our new house. Anyway, this year I was inspired to change it.
Here are the before pictures:

I hand painted all of the ornaments and the pot but I was tired of it.
Here are my supplies. I purchased them at my favorite store, Hobby Lobby.

The girls and I painted the pot with Burnt Umber:

And then we just had fun decorating:

I just love this fringe the I hot glued around the edge of the pot.

I heart my hot glue gun!

What do you think? Not bad for a 15 minute makeover. We felt like designers. Even Mr. Incredible thought it was fabulous!

That's one of my tackles for the week. What are you tackling?

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Karen M said...

Fabulous, fabulous!!!!

What a great Christmas tree makeover!

I'm hoping to do some Christmas decorating this next weekend. I always wait until after Thanksgiving.

Homesteader in Training said...

Very cute my friend. Yeah I used to be a fanatic about how my house was put together for the holidays but since I homeschool, that just aint gonna happen. So I've learned to be a little bit less controlling with my tree and house decorations. But secretly I'll put them where I want them when they go to bed at night lol. Shhhh! it's our secrete!
Hugs my friend.

Robyn said...

Cute!! I love that idea... easy, simple and very pretty in the end :)

Nikki said...

This is a wonderful makeover. You did a great job!

Anonymous said...

That is so beautiful!

Susie said...

It looks great! That's an awesome tackle:-)

Heidi Boos said...

What a beautiful makeover...and I'm sure it was fun to do, as well! It's great that you got some use out of the tree. I love the brown colors you chose. Makes it a completely different decoration! Super fun tackle...those are the best!

Erica said...

Very cute! I just pulled out the Christmas decorations I brought to put in our room. It just makes things feel festive. Love you, friend.

Amydeanne said...

fantastic! I made sugar cookies all day and than iced them with my girls!

ilovemy5kids said...

This is so inspiring! Thanks so much!