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Enjoy the Caterpillar Years....

...because all too soon they will turn into butterflies, take flight, and soar!  And watching them soar is a great joy.  After my haircut last night, Hannah and I called Rachel on our drive home.  My suburban has hands free calling so Hannah and I could both talk to Rachel.  She told me to hang on a second as she made her way to the dorm hallway and then her voice cracked a little bit.  I asked her if she was okay and then she told me about her day and dinner in the cafeteria.

Rachel explained that there was a senior girl who had gone through the cafeteria line and was trying to find a place to sit.  Rachel noticed that she was by herself, and feeling the prompting of the Holy Spirit,  she asked her to join them.  The senior seemed relieved to have a friendly place to eat a meal.  Rachel noticed the girl looked very sick and soon realized that this senior girl has cancer.  I cannot even begin to imagine.

She and Rachel enjoyed visiting but others at the table did not.  In fact, they started texting one another about why was this girl sitting here, etc. and laughing.  Naturally, that made dinner a bit awkward and left Rachel broken hearted for this senior girl and for the girls who were exhibiting mean-girl behavior. 
I listened as my daughter cried through her story and ached to get my arms around her to give her a hug.  Hugs just aren't the same through a computer screen via Skype or through a phone conversation.  Instead, I asked God to wrap His great big arms of love around her.  I told her that we are so proud of her and that her Heavenly Father is too.  She quickly added, "Momma, I didn't tell you this story for you to be proud of me, all I did was ask her to sit with us."  To which I encouraged, it was way more than that, and her humble heart knows this too.  I fully believe the Lord ordained a special opportunity for Rachel to reach out to a fellow student that needed a bit of encouragement....and Rachel said yes to the opportunity.  The other girls simply said no.

Why am I telling you this story?  Yes, I am a proud momma....proud of how Rachel responded and thankful that her heart was sensitive to this senior girl and to others who didn't respond in the same way....but there is more to my purpose.  God presents opportunities to each one of us every day.  And we have the option of saying yes to His leading or no to Him and yes to ourselves.

I see it everyday at school.  And the ones who say yes to those Holy opportunities shine like the stars. To be honest, in my lifetime I am guilty of choosing both.  Thankfully, even in the times I said no to the Lord's prompting and yes to myself, He offered a second chance and still risks His name on me over and over again.

We are called to be like Christ, not in only the big things that the world sees, but in the small too...when we feel like no one is watching.  What a monumental task, being called to be like Christ is.  I am thankful that we don't have to do it in our own power....my week has been proof that that kind of mindset only leaves one tired, frustrated, spent, and exhausted.  We can be like Christ because He somehow enables us to do what He has called us to do. Oh, what a Saviour!

Speaking of enabling, a blog that I love to read shared this link today:  http://www.fromdatestodiapers.com/50-rules-for-dads-of-daughters  It is a list of 50 rules for dad of daughters. 

I loved reading the list, written by a dad for dads.  I found myself grinning and reminiscing as I made my way through the list thinking about my wonderfully incredible dad.  I giggled out loud when I got to #19 that says teach her to change a flat tire.  My dad did that...he did all of the rules on the list and so much more.  I love my dad so much!  I love the daddy of my daughters so much too.  I think there is a new movie coming out soon about dads being courageous to be what God has called them to be.  I can't wait to go see this movie!  It sounds like a good movie for all of us...being courageous to be what God has called us to be. 


The Real Me! said...

Beautiful post my friend. Your daughter never seizes to amaze me. And I know I've missed opportunities before but are so glad for second chances.
I'm going to go read the list. Maybe I'll print it off and give it to my hubby. He's such a great dad to our children.
We are all so blessed.

BARBIE said...

Your daughter carries the Spirit of the Lord within her. She is compassionate and I am thankful the Lord gave her this opportunity!

12-arrows said...

I love how our kids, in their walk with God, encourage us to walker closer to Him and listen to His voice! Thank you for sharing your daughter's story. It gives me encouragement, with two girls of my own, to pursue whatever is true and right with mine!

My "misses" cause much heartache....thankfully God forgives and gives us many second chances!