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It Whips My Hair Back and Forth

(Photo courtesy of the Star Telegram)

Oh, the wind, the wind.  I thought Oklahoma was the state, "Where the wind comes sweepin' down the plain?"  Apparently our part of Texas feels the need for a little wind competition.  And I think we are winning.  Oh, ya'll, it is hot and dry, dry, dry.  The wind howls at night and whips our hair back and forth during the day. (Have ya'll heard that song, "I Whip My Hair back and forth?")

The girls and I got all fancied up and walked down the street the past Saturday morning to a wedding shower for Rebecca, who was the flower girl in our wedding nearly 21 years ago.  By the time the girls and I arrived, we were sporting new hair styles.  We probably just should have fixed our hair at the shower. Oiy!  The wind.  Oh, the wind!

And the wind is sparking wild fires all over our area.  Saturday night was awful.  Some of the dearest people in our church were told to evacuate their property because the fires were getting closer to their homestead.  They quickly left and then prayed and waited anxiously for news.  We all joined them in praying for God's protection over their house.  Firefighters and volunteer firefighters complete with helicopters spraying fields fought the fires all night long and into the early hours of the morning.  With 55mph plus wind the fires spread so quickly...and burned 16,000 acres and 40 homes and structures.

Hours later we learned that their home was spared but not their barns and Jack's beautiful garden and fruit trees.  Our hearts were so saddened for them.  They are some of the finest people you will ever be blessed to meet and they just overflow with contagious love for the Lord. 

Our back acreage has become overgrown and I worried that we might have a problem if we didn't get it mowed down.  Mr. Incredible worked on it this weekend and sparked 3 tiny fires in the process.  It is so dry!

Our Mayor has declared this next Sunday as a day our city joins together to pray for the rain we so desperately need.  It's days like these that I simply cannot imagine being an Israelite wandering in the dry, hot desert for 40 years. 

Will you please join us in praying for rain?


bp said...

Yesterday at church we prayed for rain and on the way home we were telling Caleb about the grass fires and needing to pray for rain as well as the fire fighters. Last night he prayed for rain in his prayer. Then after that as he was going to sleep I was sitting by him and he heard a distant rumble of thunder. He raised up his head and I loved the look in his eyes when he said God heard my prayer! I took a picture of the rain we received after he went to sleep so he could see the answer to his prayers. Tonight he told Daddy we need to ask God for more rain!

The Real Me! said...

Gosh. Dry and strong winds is not a happy combo.
Sorry to hear about your friends place. We have fires like that here in Florida a lot. We've had a couple of good storms over the past couple of weeks so that's been good.
I'll be praying for rain my friend!