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The Girl Can Hurdle!

Yesterday was the district track meet.  School let out early for the meet, the sun was shining, the birds were singing, the temperatures were hovering around 70, and the wind was blowing gently.  It was the perfect day for a track meet.

Hannah was so excited.  Mr. Incredible left work early so that we wouldn't miss our baby girl running hurdles.  Hurdles!  The very thought of hurdles makes me pucker a little bit.  I am not very graceful, I would probably hang my toe on the hurdle and fall to my death...okay that was a bit dramatic...I would definitely do a swan dive over the hurdles and land in a not-so-graceful-manner.  Yes, throwing the discus was what I had to do in middle school, because running would mess up my hair!  Ha!  (I think my mom is smiling). 

Hannah throws the discus too.  In fact she placed 2nd yesterday!  Her buddies finished 1st and 3rd.  We swept the discus event.  Woo hoo!

But, Hannah likes to hurdle.  She has been practicing and practicing and she couldn't wait for us to see her in action.  She talked her coach into letting her run the 100M hurdles and the 300M hurdles.  Wow!

We arrived a few minutes before her first event.  It wasn't long before we heard the gun shot and watched our girl run and hurdle, run and hurdle, run and hurdle....and she finished the 100M hurdles in 4th place!

Just look at that smile!  She was so glad that we were there to watch her:
Hannah, you need to quit growing so fast...it hurts my heart a lot!  Weren't you trying to hurdle out of your baby bed just yesterday?
About an hour later it was time for the 300M hurdles.  The race is 3 times as long.  I may teach computer classes but I, on occasion, can do math too.  Duh!

We watched her line up in her lane and then the gun sounded. I think I held my breath the entire time she ran!
Grandpa, look at her form!  (Grandpa was a mega-hurdler).  I think she cleared the hurdle by a foot.  :-)
She rounded the curve where her daddy and I were waiting to cheer her on to victory.  She told me later that she could hear me in the stands cheering for her.
Hannah passed 2 girls on her way to the finish line:
And finished with a 3rd place medal!!! 

Hannah's daddy and I are so proud of her.  She faced her fear of the hurdles and conquered them too.  What a day!  She received 2nd in Discus, 3rd in 300M hurdles, and 4th in the 100M hurdles.

Way to go baby girl!!!!  You are the hurdler of my heart and I am so proud of you!!!!


The Real Me! said...

Oh man I remember those days. In middle school I ran the 50 yard dash and the hurdles. I still have a blue ribbon for the 50 yard dash. LOL!

Way to go Hannah!! And she did have great form!

Erica said...

I'm totally impressed. Having short legs, I could never imagine jumping over even one!

Beloved's Bride said...

I am impressed too! I would fall flat on my face! giggle.