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An Egg-celent Easter

I hope that you had a wonderful Easter celebrating the Risen One!  Our morning started off at the early hour of 5:30 as we all got ready to leave the house by 6:30 to make our drive to the Sunrise Service.  To be honest, my mind was so flooded with treasured memories of all that we were blessed to see and experience in Israel that I was wide awake at 3:00 but I made myself stay in bed until 5:00. 

Easter has always been special, but this year...I just don't have the words to describe it.  What a blessing to visit Israel right before Easter!  Please, please take the time to go one day.  You will never be the same! 

Mr. Incredible and I were blessed to sing "And God Cried," at the sunrise service.  This is one of our all time favorite songs to sing.  Love the part best that says, "And God cried, "Jesus is alive!""  Love it!

After sunrise service, we dined on Mrs. Nora's fabulous breakfast burritos, visited a sweet man in the nursing home, and then headed to hear the choir cantata during Worship. 

After the worship service, it was time for an Egg-celent Easter celebration at Mr. Incredible's parents house complete with all of the cousins.  We all had lunch together and then the much anticipated egg hunt of 2011 began.  The kids could hardly wait!  Let the hunting begin!
The little cousins hunt for candy but the big cousins get to hunt for "special eggs" (they have money inside!).  I want to hunt too! We have college to pay for.  Ha!  Can you tell from the picture below who found the egg? Hannah, can I please have a loan?  Ha!
It was fun to watch all the children hunting eggs and then looking inside for their prizes.  Some found candy and others found one dollar bills.  This little cutie on the right said, "But they are all just one dollar!"  Too cute...it looks like she has a lot of "just one dollars!"  Can I have a loan?  Just kidding!
Little Miss Sarah on the right has lost 6 teeth.  I just love her sweet little tooth-less smile.  And little Em was working really hard to see the treasure inside:

My little nephews, who aren't so little anymore, had fun hunting eggs and climbing trees:
And precious little Zoe was so sweet to show me the treats she and her mommy made for all of the cousins.  I love this picture of "T" and Rachel sitting on the front porch:
And can you say, "Super-model pose time?"  Their daddy's better get ready!  They are already knock-outs!
And what do you get when you have Aunt Kiki, her camera, and a shady tree?  Cousins who love to climb the tree and say, "Aunt Kiki! Take my picture!"  I loved every second of it!
The only way we could get Miss Sarah out of the tree was for Hannah to put her on her shoulders.  Hannah loved it too!
And can you say, "Precious!"  They were telling Jason about their blow pop rings. The ring on their right finger was for something bad and the rings on their left fingers were for something good.  Guess which ones they ate first?  You guessed it, the ones on the right!  Ha!  Loved the attitude in how they were telling their story.
Here are the momma's that started it all.  This is Mr. Incredible's mom, Nonnie, on the top left and her sisters "Shug," Aunt Nonna, and Aunt Bobbie-O-K.  The picture on the right is all of their children and spouses except for John Eric who was too busy in Colorado to be bothered by a little Easter celebration (Just kidding.  We know it's far. We missed you!). Thank you, Rebecca for taking the picture with my camera!
I like this picture of Hannah and Aunt Sissie.  She tells everyone that Hannah gets her height from her.  Ha! Mr. Chandler had fun hanging out in the trees and the last picture is right before the hunt began.  Fun! Fun!
Everyone had a lot of fun.  I think all of the eggs were found, emptied, and returned back to the tub for next year.  Whew! What a wonderful day.  I need a nap!


bp said...

Great pictures of your day! That is one big tub of eggs.

I thought of you yesterday when I was listening to the reading of the word and the places you'd visited were mentioned.

Have a great week!!

The Real Me! said...

Aww..what fun. I couldn't believe all those eggs. Oh and next year I'm coming to your house to hunt for eggs with money in them. LOL!