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Last Junior High Basketball Game!

Monday night was Hannah's last junior high basketball game...ever!  My baby will go on to high school next year.  Did you hear that?  My baby girl will be in high school next year!  While I am in shock at how quickly the time flies, I will be so thankful to have her in high school...because her sister will have graduated.  {sob!} And since I teach at the high school, I'll get to see my Hannah more often during the day.  Enough of that talk~moving on to Monday night's game!

Our girls won the district!  Yes, they were undefeated in district games again this year.  Two years in a row-awesome!

Since, this was her last junior high game, I'm sharing more pictures than normal.  Are you surprised?  I didn't think so. Ha!  Hannah got to do the jump ball again. I like the smile on her face as she shook her opponents hand.
And her sheer look of determination as she got ready to jump:
And jump she did!  Way to go Hannah! White girl can jump...when she wants to.  Ha!
She tipped the ball to her buddy and then she threw it right back to Hannah who quickly scored two points.  And then the other team's coach called a time out.  I think we had only played 5 seconds when he called a time out.  We fans made up what we thought that coach might be saying.  My dad thought the coach was saying, "I told you before the game to get on number 50.  What happened?"  And we smiled. 

Hannah rebounded the ball and looked for her team mates:

And then she ran down court and her teammates passed her the ball.  She shoots and she scores!
I love this next picture. She was focused and ready to play.  All of the girls on our team were and it was sooooo much fun to watch!
She was a beast on defense.  I think she scared the girl that she was guarding...which made us a bit tickled.  I don't mean to sound prideful...I'm just proud of how she played.  Her whole team played so well!

Here she is waiting to rebound the ball after a free throw:

And a few minutes later, she was fouled while sinking two more points.  She got to shoot a free throw for another point.

She posted up and even stuck her hand out, as her father often hollers from the stands, to, "Give them a target!" 
She did and ended up scoring 10 of her team's 30 points.
Half time pep talk:

A little more defense:
Guarding the other team:

And blocking shots.  We think she had at least three blocks.  Hannah's first instinct is to try to hack at the ball to keep them from scoring...and she did that a few times.  I think she had two fouls, and that's okay.  But, Hannah is rather intimidating when she stands straight up to guard the other team.  So, keep standing up tall, baby girl! 

Our girls won 30-17!!!  What a fun season!  While I can't believe it's over, I'm thankful that she ended the season healthy.  At one point in the game we though the other team had caused her to roll her ankle.  Thankfully, she didn't.  If my stats are correct, and I use the word stats very loosely because my stats only consisted of having Rachel or I enter a check mark in our phones every time she scored during the games while taking pictures and talking, Hannah averaged 10.64 points per game. I played basketball and volleyball for a 5-A high school (a huge school) and I never had an average like Hannah's.   

What a blessing to be able to play the sport she adores with her favorite teammates in the whole world.  I wish I could give you her friend's stats too because they are just as impressive. This is quite a group of young ladies both on and off the court.  We are all dreaming of watching them playing in a state championship game one day.  Wouldn't that be amazing?!


The Real Me! said...

I bet her coach is sad to see her go. She was quite an asset to the team, but then again I'm sure high school will be glad to have her.LOL!

Has Rachel decided on schools yet? Anxious to hear.

Anonymous said...

Congrats to Hannah on a great season!!!